AMX Mod X versus AMX Mod Comparison Chart

1  Dual Compatibility Yes No
2  Working, new, advanced module API 0.20 No
3  JIT Implementation 0.20 0.9.9
4  Multi-Lingual 0.20 0.9.9
5  Mod Inspecific 0.20 No
6  Community Based Development Yes No
7  Advanced SQL Support 0.20 No
8  Intuitive Structure Yes No
9  Full Source Available Yes No
10  Function, Scripting, and Module Writing Reference Yes No
11  64-Bit Ready 0.20 No
12  Advanced engine manipulation 0.20 Limited
13  Web compiler Yes No
  1. AMX Mod X can compile and run AMX plugins, but AMX cannot reciprocate this compatibility.  The AMX Mod X team has put much effort into making sure as many AMX plugins as possible will continue to work with little modification.
  2. AMX's Module API is heavily broken and dangerously unstable.  It has known memory leaks and crash problems, and is especially volatile on Listen Servers.  AMX Mod X fixes this by implementing a new Module API which has a threefold purpose.  The first is to unify plugins, modules, metamod, and the AMX Mod X core.  The second is to remove the dependence on Metamod by creating a "FakeMeta" layer to route engine calls.  The third is to create a framework for detecting problems and memory leaks easier.  AMX's solution to the problem is surprisingly less robust - an ugly hack to escape an ugly hack (double forcing modules to be both in metamod and AMX at the same time).
  3. AMX Mod X and AMX both implement the JIT, which is an implementation of the plugin interpreter that translates virtual machine calls into direct assembly.  The JIT gives enormous performance enhancements.
  4. AMX Mod X has a multi-lingual system that is tied across the client, the server, plugins, and modules.  It features a high-speed lookup routine and an intuitive method of storing language translations.  AMX's Multi-Lingual system is virtually nonexistant, features a poor lookup routine (text read), and is mainly client based.
  5. AMX Mod X is distributed as a base package, which you can upgrade with Mod Package Add-ons.  AMX is Counter-Strike oriented and comes with mod-specific items enabled.
  6. AMX has traditionally been a very closed development group.  Public discussion of changes rarely takes place and release information is kept totally in the dark.  AMX Mod X publically announces all changes, all source code, and all members of the respective development teams.  The teams are well organized so development is not a one-man operation.  AMX Mod X also invites members of the community to take place in contributing official source code, patches, and ideas.
  7. AMX's SQL support is severely lacking, with no support for nested queries and numerous crash bugs.  AMX Mod X's SQL support has been rewritten from the ground up to be more advanced and implemented as a driver API (this means that one function can control different database architectures).  AMX Mod X comes with support for PgSQL, MySQL, and MS-SQL.
  8. AMX has been infamous for very poor organization.  The directory structure is not intuitive and leads to a lot of confusion for newcomers.  AMX Mod X has replaced this archane layout with a new one.
  9. AMX Mod X commits every line of code to publically viewable CVS.  Every developer has access to the CVS.  With this revision control system, anyone can see a complete history of how the AMX Mod X source code evolved.  While both AMX Mod X and AMX are under the GNU General Public License (as Metamod requires), AMX source code is not fully available.  No one seems to know why, but it fits the theme of AMX being a closed development environment.
  10. AMX Mod X has a full function reference written with community exchange of ideas and source code in mind. This has also been fully exported into the documentation.  AMX Mod has no comparable function reference.
  11. AMX Mod X is fully 64bit compatibility on AMD64 processors.  With an AMD64 machine for testing and a researched strategy for building a 64bit interface, AMX Mod X is ready for 64bit.  AMX Mod has no known plans for this.
  12. The FakeMeta module allows you hook or call almost any Half-Life Mod/DLL engine function, as well as get and set entity properties with mahnsawce's intuitive pev() native.
  13. AMX Mod X has an interactive web compiler for people to try out quick plugins, do syntax checking, or to make a convenient compile.  AMX Mod has no such comparable feature.  The Web Compiler also features the backwards compatible includes for AMX. AMX Mod compiles only released plugin on-the-fly.






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