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Plugin Name Author Mod Category
Show The Kill {PHILMAGROIN} ALL Gameplay
Advanced SleepMod & Advanced... DataMatrix ALL Fun Stuff
Shape Shifter Toster v2.1 ALL Gameplay
VIP Access - Make money from you... minimiller ALL Fun Stuff
Freezetag (Ported) DarkShadowST ALL Fun Stuff
[POST] Message Type tuty ALL General Purpose
Video Poker joaquimandrade ALL Fun Stuff
shDM 1.0.6b - Podbot mm Control ... Shaman ALL Gameplay
Raffle Crusher918 ALL Fun Stuff
Xmas and Easter Presents Spawner... MaximusBrood ALL Fun Stuff
Compensation [v0.4] EFFx ALL Admin Commands
Frag Game 1.7 M1R0n,M' ALL Gameplay
Player-Based CVARs nikhilgupta345 ALL Admin Commands
CVAR Commands Pack johnjg75 ALL Server Management
Knife Bounty + Secure (v1.5) edon1337 ALL Gameplay
Permanent message independent ALL General Purpose
Paintball Gun & Mod travo ALL Admin Commands
Bad Camper 1.4.239 Brad ALL Server Management
Pick up present v2.01 FakeNick ALL Fun Stuff
Weapon Training Mod MistaGee ALL General Purpose
Classic Roleplaying v1.0 Smokey485 ALL Any
Laser Guns v2.7.6 ( Ludwig van ) jtp10181 ALL Fun Stuff
Hangman [ --<[email protected] ] Black Rose ALL Fun Stuff
Automatic Restart - Prevent fast... ToT | V!PER ALL Any
[10/02/10] No Hostage Steal grimvh2 ALL General Purpose
FlameThrower v5.3.5 ( Ludwig van ) jtp10181 ALL Fun Stuff
Command Consolidation v1.1 Hawk552 Admin Commands
Resident Evil: Half-Life v1.4 Sam Tsuki Gameplay
Shop System + API Exolent[jNr] Fun Stuff
Pay to Kill! 0.5b anson_wongy Fun Stuff
Players Drop Money v1.7 [UPDATED] shine771 General Purpose
Tag Game Crusher918 Gameplay
Diablo Mod v8.0 N1ghtmr1 Fun Stuff
Counter-Strike Tactics v1.1 Hawk552 Gameplay
VIP Plugin 3.0 UPDATED Dunn0 Gameplay
Bounty Hunter moosewanted Gameplay
Capture The Flag <richie> GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Money HUD Effect 0.9 shine771 General Purpose
Y.A.S.C. - Yet Another Sniper Co... bAnTAi Any
Bounties gangien Fun Stuff
Trade Money gladius Gameplay
Lastround bAnTAi Any
Team' s fund Ryu2877 Admin Commands
Last man bets Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
MapsX [ v0.5.1 ] ( 2007-08-07 up... Ryu2877 Fun Stuff
Show teammate's money K.K.Lv Statistical
Ghost Respawning 1.1 mateo10 Fun Stuff
Player wanted nightscreem Gameplay
Auto Round Restart [autorr] - v1... SubStream Server Management
HUD Customizer 0.4 Igoreso Gameplay
Predator Mode haimmaik Fun Stuff
Money Give +ARUKARI- Fun Stuff
C4 Plant Money Bonus Locks Fun Stuff
Advanced ResetScore 0.2.0 anakin_cstrike Statistical
VIP Objective Balance MPNumB Gameplay
HudTextArgs Blocker joaquimandrade Server Management
AMX Cards mateo10 Fun Stuff
Double Knife Frags Rul4 Fun Stuff
Drop Defuser Kit DS Fun Stuff
Admin Explode tuty Fun Stuff
Admin All in One Commands [Last... BigBaller Fun Stuff
Ultimate Money Rewards [ UMR ] anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
Weapon Money Reward(Similar) kingpin Fun Stuff
Frag Mod mateo10 Fun Stuff
Survivor potatis_invalido Gameplay
Bonus for spawn of player TitANious General Purpose
Individual Weapon Restrictions Bugsy Admin Commands
Deathrun Manager by xPaw v3.0.3 ... xPaw Gameplay
CS Shop v5.0 - [05/24/09] IneedHelp Fun Stuff
Final Fantasy X MOD 0.7 (UPDATED!) Z4KN4F31N Fun Stuff
Bomb awards (Coolzsb) Sp4rt4n Fun Stuff
Laser/TripMine Entity +ARUKARI- Fun Stuff
Kick Money Ball--v1.2.1 K.K.Lv Fun Stuff
Knife API v2.2 Backstabnoob Gameplay
Kill Money ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
CrazyBouncingNades v1.0 - Bounci... regalis Fun Stuff
Phantom mod 1.2 SlimDog Fun Stuff
Bet vilaemail Fun Stuff
GHW Basic Commands GHW_Chronic Admin Commands
Power Up Mod 2.0 GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Surf Speed Runs hlstriker Statistical
PunkServer Easy Mix - REWRITEN OffspringBR Server Management
FunMod v4.0 Rolnaaba Gameplay
Climbtimer Top15 Isobold General Purpose
Auto Loot the dead atambo Fun Stuff
Pistol Rounds thatguyzp Gameplay
Buy a Helmet v0.2 VEN Gameplay
Boss Event bes island Fun Stuff
Buyknife V 1.0 AssKicR Fun Stuff
CSDM Normalizer v2.1i.5 Simon Logic Gameplay
SuperNade Rolnaaba Fun Stuff
KZ Multiplugin AssKicR Server Management
Amx_Money onfirenburnin420 Fun Stuff
Extra hostage rescue Sn!ff3r Gameplay
Hostage Protection[ V 1.8 ] HamletEagle Gameplay
Bounty Hunter slurpycof Fun Stuff
Reconnect Features 0.2. (08/08/1... ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Credits Mod (Updated 12-18-05) mikes3ds Gameplay
Capture the Awp genesis Fun Stuff
Advanced Roll The Dice (v2.5 RC4) Striker Fun Stuff
Spectator Hud Information ConnorMcLeod Statistical
[ZP] Addon: Counter-Strike like ... SonicSonedit Gameplay
Zombie Plague Mod 5.0 MeRcyLeZZ Gameplay
Hide N Seek Extras minimiller Gameplay
DeFRAG [1.0 OUT] // News to come... khios Gameplay
C4 Drop Menu tuty General Purpose
round_startmoney mlb Event Related
Janzert's Economic Team Balancer... Janzert General Purpose
Free For All ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Crossbow v2.1 NiHiLaNTh Fun Stuff
BOMB Ghosting Fix MPNumB Technical/Development
Damage Money GHW_Chronic General Purpose
Russian Roulette wrecked_ Fun Stuff
Nintendo Mod v3.1 Soloist Fun Stuff
Money All-in-One (update 3.3) [email protected] Fun Stuff
Auto Restart Round vato loco [GE-S] Gameplay
Goomba Stomp OciXCrom Fun Stuff
[TKOTH] Team King of the Hill johnjg75 Gameplay
Missiles Launcher v3.8.4 ( Ludwi... jtp10181 Fun Stuff
Survivor Mod Streamy Gameplay
AIO: Winter Plugin tuty Fun Stuff
Hit and reward in the vital part... life_rest Statistical
Call Medic for CS (v0.7 | 07/14/08) Grinf4ce Fun Stuff
Deagle Nail Launcher [UPDATED] tuty Fun Stuff
Gladiator Knife Mod v 1.1b soccdoodcss Fun Stuff
VIP Announcer anakin_cstrike Event Related
BackPack Ammo Features v0.1.5 (0... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
AMX Bank 1.7 twistedeuphoria Fun Stuff
Tasks Scherzo Fun Stuff
HideNSeek by Exolent Exolent[jNr] Gameplay
CS Items 2.0/1.3 - 02/13/2010 JoshGomez Fun Stuff
Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generat... DA Gameplay
Admin Slaughter Reward BOYSplayCS Fun Stuff
Prometheus (Enhanced Hostages) XxAvalanchexX Gameplay
FRC v12.0 [Team Flash, Detector,... ot_207 General Purpose
Gravity Fight 0.7.4 [GF] shine771 Gameplay
CS Bank GHW_Chronic General Purpose
ProKreedz Ultimativ v2.4 vato loco [GE-S] Gameplay
HEV Suit [Mark V] fR4gn0tiX! Gameplay
Warcraft3 XP Version 2.6.3 ferret Fun Stuff
Reconnect Data Saver MPNumB Event Related
Damage by the amount of money 1.5 alan_el_more Gameplay
Burst/Silencer Blocker Alucard^ Server Management
Server Cvars Unlocker Arkshine Server Management
Extra Money Defuser v0.3 JoKeR LauGh Fun Stuff
GHW Aim Targets GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Team Money Cheap_Suit Gameplay
Battle Mages Version 1.0.1 vandercal Fun Stuff
Napalm Nades 1.3 MeRcyLeZZ Fun Stuff
KD Money - *UPDATE* v 0.5 Deviance Gameplay
X-War 1.5 (ClanWar system) Niro Gameplay
Weapon Return nikhilgupta345 Gameplay
More money than 16000 2.0 (2/1/08) Ramono Gameplay
show_money v1.0 Weejee Statistical
Domination v1.0 ot_207 Gameplay
Just Capture the Flag (CTF) v1.3... Hunter-Digital Gameplay
Late Spawn Manager ( 22/12/2013 ) Blizzard_87 Event Related
no_reconnect (syzo) kingpin Server Management
Humans VS Monsters XP v4.2 Sam Tsuki Gameplay
Start Money Fix 1.4 hleV General Purpose
WowMOD: World of Warcraft MOD fo... Mugwump Fun Stuff
fake_player(another)_V0.8 intel... Enigmaya Fun Stuff
Police Officer [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 Fun Stuff
Realistic Defuse v1.4 Alucard^ Gameplay
Admin Weapons II(SniperBeamer) B... Meatwad Fun Stuff
Excessive Buy Punisher (formerly... pharse General Purpose
Traps! (version 2!) - updated! xx_sirhc_xx Fun Stuff
amx_bankrupt Crusher918 Admin Commands
WarmUP Pro 5.6 Beta AntiBots Gameplay
CS/CZ Ricochet v2.01 ot_207 Fun Stuff
Blackjack (Johnny) v1.02 Lord_Destros Fun Stuff
Long Rounds by dor123 Dores Gameplay
Hit Rewards MistaGee Statistical
realism (for CS) [FBX] Fun Stuff
Kill assist (for CS) Hunter-Digital Gameplay
Instamoney (DarkShadowST) jtp10181 Fun Stuff
Purchase Mod - v1.4.1 Dizzy Fun Stuff
Potti - a controllable fakeplayer p3tsin Admin Commands
Team Flash Punish v1.1.1 ( 28jan... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
DOD Warcraft 3 (Frozen Throne or... Geesu Fun Stuff
SC STUFF PLUGIN Silencer123 Fun Stuff
Apollo RP v1.1 Hawk552 General Purpose
KillBOT TS Mod colby Gameplay

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