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Plugin Name Author Mod Category
Server Packeting Protection stevenlafl ALL Server Management
Plant Anywhere 2 avenger_ansh ALL Admin Commands
Zoom Info [distance, factor, angle] VEN ALL Gameplay
Mapcycle State Restorer (on serv... VEN ALL Server Management
No Objectives v0.3 (+no round ti... VEN Gameplay
Map Armouries Invisibility v0.2 ... VEN General Purpose
CVars Access System VEN ALL General Purpose
Hostage Voices v0.2 VEN General Purpose
Auto Join on Connect VEN Server Management
Dead Name Change VEN General Purpose
No Weapon Drop [+defuser support... VEN Gameplay
Weapon Info Dump [development] VEN Technical/Development
Full Server Idler Kicker (+last ... VEN General Purpose
Teleport Smoke Grenade VEN Fun Stuff
Descriptive 'Fire in the hole!' ... VEN Gameplay
Grenade Jump (fun modification f... VEN Fun Stuff
TFC Quad,Invul,Invis Powerups jRaven Fun Stuff
say /ragequit jRaven ALL Fun Stuff
Freeze 'em Mk2 jRaven ALL Admin Commands
Buyzone Range [Everywhere/Nowher... VEN Gameplay
touchmgmenu for NeoTF jRaven Gameplay
Dropped Bomb Defuse v0.3.1 VEN Gameplay
Force Team Win VEN Gameplay
CT Bomb Stealer [v0.2beta] VEN Gameplay
Juicy Corpse v0.3 VEN ALL Fun Stuff
Decals/Models Lister v0.2 [devel... VEN ALL Technical/Development
VIP Alternative VEN Gameplay
Fall Scream v0.2 [regular and ve... VEN Fun Stuff
Enemy Requisitions DarkRaven Fun Stuff
Team No Buy v0.2 (former "N... VEN Gameplay
Car-Mod stevenlafl Fun Stuff
Healthkit (like in HL) VEN Fun Stuff
AFK Bomb Transfer v0.4 VEN Gameplay
End Round Alternatives VEN Gameplay
No Weapon Drop on Death v0.2 VEN Gameplay
Real Nade Drops v0.4 VEN General Purpose
Sticky Nades VEN Fun Stuff
Real Radio VEN Gameplay
Fun Radio VEN Fun Stuff
Bomb Explosion Features VEN Event Related
New Round Gift VEN Fun Stuff
Eye Lids VEN Fun Stuff
Catch the Nade VEN Fun Stuff
Buy a Helmet v0.2 VEN Gameplay
Drop Weapons on TK v0.3 [+buy/co... VEN Fun Stuff
TA Autoknife VEN Fun Stuff

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