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Plugin Name Author Mod Category
[ESF] Powerup FX v1.2 by alan_el... alan_el_more Fun Stuff
[ESF] Show Damage v1.1 alan_el_more Statistical
Custom Transformation Powerlevel... hleV Gameplay
Melee Settings 1.0 hleV Gameplay
ESF Taunts tuty Fun Stuff
Starting Powerlevel hleV Fun Stuff
ESF PACC tuty Fun Stuff
ESF Glow By Weapon tuty Fun Stuff
Melee Only hleV Admin Commands
ESF Mr. Satan v1.3 tuty Fun Stuff
ESF Admin Unlimited KI tuty Statistical
ESF Admin Giver tuty Admin Commands
Vegeta To BebiVegeta hip_hop_x Gameplay
Regeneration with Stamina Factor... fry Fun Stuff
Super Stats and Rank ESF Plugin ShAyA Statistical
ESF Giji Plugin ShAyA Fun Stuff
Fixed admincmd Greenberet Admin Commands
Earth's Special Forces SSJ removal KilledWithStyle Fun Stuff
Earth's Special Forces Powerleve... LynX Admin Commands
Esf Fusion Dance LynX Fun Stuff
ESF Attack Giver Mr. Satan Fun Stuff

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