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Plugin Name Author Mod Category
New music Johnny got his gun ALL Fun Stuff
Q3A Lead Announce MistaGee ALL Statistical
Clear Menus v0.4 karlos ALL General Purpose
No Ads (by DokTor) Alka ALL Gameplay
Deagles' Map Management 3.23 bmann_420 ALL Admin Commands
Voice Admin Only xPaw ALL Admin Commands
Show The Kill {PHILMAGROIN} ALL Gameplay
AMX MOTD Help Charr ALL Any
New Way for Count Down Special Day K.K.Lv ALL General Purpose
Graves Freecode ALL Fun Stuff
Rain 2 snow Johnny got his gun ALL Fun Stuff
Advanced SleepMod & Advanced... DataMatrix ALL Fun Stuff
Laser Sight Toster v2.1 ALL Fun Stuff
Zombie Mod Misc. Stuff xbatista ALL Gameplay
Chat Translation hlstriker ALL General Purpose
Private Chat[Room] Alka ALL Admin Commands
All-In-One Engine Patch ts2do ALL Technical/Development
Admin BroadCasting anson_wongy ALL Any
xREDIRECT - server redirect menu xOR ALL General Purpose
AWP Crosshair hip_hop_x ALL Admin Commands
Generic AFK Kicker CheesyPeteza ALL Server Management
amx freeze drekes ALL Admin Commands
Maps.ini Generator EKS ALL Server Management
Health Boost 1.5 twistedeuphoria ALL Fun Stuff
Countdown warning before banning faenix ALL Any
GAIO ( Glow All In One ! ) ( V1.2) Zenith77 ALL Fun Stuff
UT Style Weapon Floating GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
VAC Ban Status Bugsy ALL Admin Commands
MOTD mangement EKS ALL Server Management
FoxSpray (ported Fox-NL) nightscreem ALL Fun Stuff
Shape Shifter Toster v2.1 ALL Gameplay
MySQL DBase Editing, Noclip/Godmode devicenull ALL Admin Commands
AMX_BAN replacement. for temp ba... jsauce ALL Admin Commands
AMXX Spy++ [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 ALL Admin Commands
AMX Map Handler Johnny got his gun ALL Server Management
Admin Sprite show EKS ALL Admin Commands
Admin Evict - Will redirect n00b... Zor ALL Gameplay
PopeLightning - added some fixes CubicVirtuoso ALL Admin Commands
Played Time Alka ALL Statistical
Spray Models by Ludwig van Blingmasta ALL Fun Stuff
Lights Management joropito ALL Fun Stuff
Twitter Status PomanoB ALL General Purpose
Multi Vote Deviance ALL Admin Commands
Join/Leave Annoucments v. 1.2 BigBaller ALL Event Related
Daylight Changer (Downtown1) |2ob ALL Fun Stuff
Name Registration / Management 2.04 twistedeuphoria ALL Server Management
DBI User Tracker Zor ALL Server Management
License To Kill v1.4 Hawk552 ALL Fun Stuff
Bad spawn preventer v1.3 BeasT ALL General Purpose
HTML Command List Generator v0.3... jtp10181 ALL Server Management
CD Mediator 3.0 Originally by: R... 3xF - | M4573R ALL Server Management
Dynamic File Consistency Check Danni ALL Server Management
Random Number/Player + Command Des12 ALL Fun Stuff
Donator Plugin [Last update: 04/... Deviance ALL Fun Stuff
Poisoned Crowbar anakin_cstrike ALL Fun Stuff
Colored Spawn v1.2.2 fezh ALL General Purpose
Remote Cvar v0.1 Johnny got his gun ALL Server Management
Shadow Damage hackandmore ALL Admin Commands
AMX TNT CubicVirtuoso ALL Fun Stuff
UTSounds Flasher ALL Fun Stuff
Personal Gravity GHW_Chronic ALL General Purpose
Quiz Deviance ALL Fun Stuff
Knife Distance by SchlumPF SchlumPF* ALL Admin Commands
BSP Compat - Make maps compatibl... joropito ALL Admin Commands
Who's in the water? Freecode ALL Fun Stuff
Public Server Rules 1.20 *UPDATE... Priski ALL Any
Steam/Real Nick Database (phpBB ... rain ALL Server Management
HLDS <-> IRC /w Integratio... {NM}Jason ALL Server Management
Meow Meow / Custom Gravity Emp` ALL Fun Stuff
Auto All Talk L0neW0lf ALL Admin Commands
File Config Ingame Editor (AMXX ... travo ALL Admin Commands
Achievements API Xellath ALL Technical/Development
Time announcer BMJ ALL Any
Jump Menu 2.0 (added wall jump) v3x ALL Fun Stuff
TimeleftII [RED-Designs] ALL General Purpose
Multiple + color scroll messages BMJ ALL Any
Server Restart 1.1 mysticssjgoku4 ALL Any
Player Disconnect Info v3x ALL General Purpose
Weapon Health joropito ALL Admin Commands
DeathDay / Judgement Day RedRobster ALL Event Related
Hitzone Practice blake_won ALL Admin Commands
CS Shotgun Bug Fix SkumTomteN ALL Admin Commands
Daylight Changer [RED-Designs] ALL General Purpose
Remote Configs Xtreme-Coder ALL Server Management
VIP Access - Make money from you... minimiller ALL Fun Stuff
Admin Login now with Admin Logout rompom7 ALL Admin Commands
AMX LightningAdmins CubicVirtuoso ALL Admin Commands
Speedhack v1.1 Hawk552 ALL Fun Stuff
Simple TK Punisher M1R0n,M' ALL Fun Stuff
AutoCMD XxAvalanchexX ALL Admin Commands
Super Admin Update* 4.1 rak ALL Admin Commands
Reset buttons at round start xPaw ALL Event Related
some1s_jailbreak Map Fix 1.2 Jon ALL General Purpose
HP damage sound bug fix Simo123 ALL Gameplay
3D Radar - W.I.P. CubicVirtuoso ALL Fun Stuff
Playerinfo v1.4 - 1 sept 06 Gizmo ALL Admin Commands
HLDS Leechers Begone sambro ALL Server Management
Player FootStep Noises QwertyAccess ALL Fun Stuff
Map specific commands MistaGee ALL Any
Hobo Crontab ( Scheduler ) hoboman ALL Server Management
Entity Lab (Engine based) [Final] Miczu ALL Technical/Development
Don't Step on the Floor! CubicVirtuoso ALL Fun Stuff
Custom Vote Menus GHW_Chronic ALL Admin Commands
Land Mines v1.3 Sam Tsuki ALL Fun Stuff
Killed admin with knife M1R0n,M' ALL Fun Stuff
amx_point PyRo ALL General Purpose
IRC Server :) hackziner ALL General Purpose
Open doors with a shot! v1.0 Starsailor ALL General Purpose
Only admins can drop weapons! v1.1 Starsailor ALL Admin Commands
Nextmap Chooser+ (remembers maps... KiN | SuicideDog ALL Server Management
Temporary Admin GHW_Chronic ALL Server Management
EJL Easy Speech Port (Ludwig Van) Bad HAL 9000 ALL Fun Stuff
Bug Mod GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
Vote Weapons mateo10 ALL Gameplay
Timeleft in Hostname pizzahut ALL General Purpose
Glow Menu ~ Client Activated Glo... firewalker877 ALL Fun Stuff
Custom Nextmap GHW_Chronic ALL Server Management
nIRC - An AMXX irc-bot naeo ALL Admin Commands
Admin Slay 2X (F117bomb) IceMouse[WrG] ALL Admin Commands
NinjaRope v1.1.1 (SpaceDude and ... jtp10181 ALL Fun Stuff
Custom Map Cfg addon Johnny got his gun ALL Server Management
Show Admins Online vato loco [GE-S] ALL Server Management
Spray bug fix Simo123 ALL Gameplay
Admin aimmenu EKS ALL Admin Commands
Admin Heal and Shield ( F117Bomb ) Peli ALL Admin Commands
Concert of wishes - the best pla... rain ALL General Purpose
1337 Restarter mateo10 ALL Server Management
DM Quad Damage MarquisEXB ALL Gameplay
Admin Gag EKS ALL Admin Commands
AMX CVAR Guard Wilson [29th ID] ALL General Purpose
Find Players on GameTiger IceMouse[WrG] ALL General Purpose
Forum mod Johnny got his gun ALL Server Management
Sprite Importer 3 KleeneX ALL Any
GHW GHR (Grab + Hook + Rope) GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
My Steam Community danielkza ALL General Purpose
Custom bury depth v3x ALL Admin Commands
Plant Anywhere 2 avenger_ansh ALL Admin Commands
amx_distort v2.1 ot_207 ALL Admin Commands
Bullet Time <Scarzzurs> Twilight Suzuka ALL Fun Stuff
AMX Portal (KleeneX) Blitz ALL Fun Stuff
Statsme Menu Admin Anthraxnz ALL Any
Death Message Block Jordan44053 ALL Admin Commands
Galileo 1.1.290 (a feature rich... Brad ALL Admin Commands
Health & Armor in Scoreboard Alucard^ ALL Statistical
Bad Spawns Preventer xPaw ALL General Purpose
Custom Spray Sound 0.2 v3x ALL Fun Stuff
Name Replacer anakin_cstrike ALL Server Management
amx_hostname xPaw ALL Admin Commands
EntSpawner Twilight Suzuka ALL General Purpose
HP Roll the Dice Styles ALL Fun Stuff
ScoreBoard Title xPaw ALL General Purpose
Unscope Snipers Costin83 ALL Admin Commands
Impulse Grenade EFFx ALL Admin Commands
AMX Fireworks Sanji ALL Fun Stuff
Wall Jump OneEyed ALL Any
Join_IP v. 1.1 Allows everyone t... jsauce ALL Any
CS/DoD/TFC Weapon Gravity M249-M4A1 ALL Gameplay
Auto Switch Teams Every X Rounds nikhilgupta345 ALL Admin Commands
Freezetag (Ported) DarkShadowST ALL Fun Stuff
Steam ID Retriever v3x ALL General Purpose
MapType Configs 1.1c |PJ| Shorty ALL Server Management
Timer Controller v0.0.2 [ April ... hornet ALL Admin Commands
AMX Warn 1.71 twistedeuphoria ALL Admin Commands
Recent Player's Info (Motd) v1.1... Xanimos ALL Server Management
Sound Fixer (echo bug like on cs... Throstur ALL Admin Commands
Chat Logger SQL aake ALL Statistical
[POST] Message Type tuty ALL General Purpose
Nuke Bombs 1.31 - 26/08/2010 JoshGomez ALL Fun Stuff
Teleporter Technology -Various- Twilight Suzuka ALL Admin Commands
Don't say IPs Johnny got his gun ALL Server Management
AMX Strip Twilight Suzuka ALL Admin Commands
Consecutive Killer Reward (with ... jopmako ALL Admin Commands
Mapcycle State Restorer (on serv... VEN ALL Server Management
Smart Slash (Updated 9-29-09) Emp` ALL Admin Commands
Paused Chat - Adds ability to ch... ToT | V!PER ALL Any
AMX_BANSHOT new version kuddo ALL Admin Commands
amx_blockdamage drekes ALL Admin Commands
amx_rocket (by f117bomb) knocker ALL Admin Commands
Clan API (Clan Management Interf... Hawk552 ALL Admin Commands
Player Counter [Last Update: 04/... Deviance ALL Statistical
MultiPlayer Bunny Hops ian.cammarata ALL Gameplay
Weapon Glow TheRadiance ALL Fun Stuff
amx_respawn(f117bomb) kingpin ALL Fun Stuff
Practice - Makes Practicing Easy Zor ALL Any
Sound replacements V. 1.2 Silencer123 ALL Gameplay
CheesyPeteza: Spray ID Bad HAL 9000 ALL Any
Spark Fun -hi- ALL Fun Stuff
TFC - All Teams Are Allies chewweh ALL Admin Commands
Message Interpreter Geesu ALL Any
AllInfo 1.0 mysticssjgoku4 ALL Admin Commands
i aim good XxAvalanchexX ALL Fun Stuff
Random Weapon Spawns [Last Updat... Deviance ALL Admin Commands
Bot Apology for TK fysiks ALL Fun Stuff
Simple Stream -hi- ALL Fun Stuff
Satellite Rain Twilight Suzuka ALL Fun Stuff
Admin Spin Me Charming ALL Fun Stuff
Zoom Info [distance, factor, angle] VEN ALL Gameplay
Shove Mod Styles ALL Gameplay
Flares - v1.5 - Updated 05-19-2009 Texnux ALL Fun Stuff
Player Configs (Manager) - With ... joaquimandrade ALL General Purpose
1950's Cloaking Device DarkShadowST ALL Fun Stuff
Rocket Jumping(Updated) Drak ALL Fun Stuff
Admin Thunder anakin_cstrike ALL Admin Commands
Force Quit HL Tweek ALL Admin Commands
Auto Restart In X Round independent ALL Event Related
Bullet Damage with new HudMessag... bboygrun ALL Admin Commands
AWP Armory To Scout AndraX2000 ALL Admin Commands
Cheer :-) TheRadiance ALL Fun Stuff
Video Poker joaquimandrade ALL Fun Stuff
List all maps installed on serve... Downtown1 ALL General Purpose
ST4life's WelcomeMessage 0.4-&gt... |BBC|k4n! ALL General Purpose
punishments TheRadiance ALL Admin Commands
Sound Blocker 1.2 Jon ALL Server Management
Block Speedhack v3 [All] ot_207 ALL Gameplay
Realistic Reloading Doc-Holiday ALL Admin Commands
Full Auto < All weapons > Twilight Suzuka ALL Fun Stuff
PsychoStats 3.1+ Spatial Plugin Arkshine ALL General Purpose
Bloody Slap tuty ALL Admin Commands
Meow Meow / Player Look Emp` ALL Server Management
Save Binds DarkShadowST ALL Server Management
Pushable Object Respawn Fix MPNumB ALL Technical/Development
Ludwig Van's Map Specific Cvars ... [nFb]GraveKeeper ALL Server Management
land or country with Geoip eisbein ALL Fun Stuff
EntMod Manager v2.0 - 7/24/07 stupok ALL Admin Commands
TimeLeft Extender (last round ma... prodigy ALL Gameplay
Admin Knife Punish TheRadiance ALL Admin Commands
Deagles' Map Management 2.10i BigBaller ALL Server Management
Amx XCvar - Cvar Limits Xanimos ALL Server Management
Automatic Hostname Changer Deviance ALL General Purpose
Advanced Team Attack Control v3.0.1 Orangutanz ALL Server Management
Execute Client Commands (exec_cl... cgountanis ALL Admin Commands
Bad Clan Cleaner Dygear ALL Server Management
shDM 1.0.6b - Podbot mm Control ... Shaman ALL Gameplay
Remove % bug in chat Sn!ff3r ALL Admin Commands
Cheater Suspect bomnacama ALL Server Management
Hacking Tools Twilight Suzuka ALL Any
Shamusi Music Plugin v0.5 AmxMod... endeffects ALL Fun Stuff
Timeleft in Hostname (Scoreboard... xPaw ALL Statistical
High Ping Kicker cgountanis ALL Server Management
Tracer (CS+AllMods) DahVid ALL Fun Stuff
True Armor soccdoodcss ALL Gameplay
Awesome! Jheshka ALL General Purpose
Timelimit Voting 1.2 Jon ALL Server Management
Custom Spray Management r0ck ALL Admin Commands
GHW Revive GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
VampireMode XxAvalanchexX ALL Fun Stuff
Say Rules SAMURAI16 ALL Server Management
Power Bot Chat [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 ALL Admin Commands
Rock The Round by Exolent Exolent[jNr] ALL General Purpose
Advanced Quake Sounds v6.2 [ALL ... claudiuhks ALL Gameplay
amx_lights Rattler ALL Fun Stuff
Ultra Glow - 30 Colors Total! mysticssjgoku4 ALL Fun Stuff
Frequent Fragger Program (slot r... slurpycof ALL Server Management
Psychostats 3 in-game stats (thr... GeroiN ALL Admin Commands
Starting Health Sn!ff3r ALL Admin Commands
No Wall Damage anakin_cstrike ALL Fun Stuff
AMX MOTD v0.2 v3x ALL Admin Commands
Ultimate Top Player Stats Marquee travo ALL Admin Commands
BenchmarkTool - The tool to benc... Ir0n1E ALL Admin Commands
Non-sprite set to glow! Fix xPaw ALL General Purpose
Name Lock Twilight Suzuka ALL Admin Commands
Country & City Menu (and mor... Alucard^ ALL Admin Commands
Custom Player Taglines nhdriver4 ALL General Purpose
MapConfigX v1.00 (dynamic plugin... AdaskoMX ALL Server Management
Karaoke for AMXX TeddyDesTodes ALL Fun Stuff
MultiJump twistedeuphoria ALL Fun Stuff
Sven Co-Op Player Info colby ALL Fun Stuff
Advanced Motd 1.2 (updated) kinsprite2 ALL Any
Hud Health Bar SnoW ALL Fun Stuff
[ALL] Cheer 1.3.1 [11-16-11][ML ... schmurgel1983 ALL Fun Stuff
HighPingKicker OLO Based/Updated... iceeedr ALL Admin Commands
Death Info Beams (OLO) manorastroman ALL Fun Stuff
Quickslap me v3x ALL Fun Stuff
Toxic Water 0.8 [UPDATED] shine771 ALL General Purpose
AMXX Flush GHW_Chronic ALL Server Management
Map reporter Ywa*NL ALL Server Management
Raffle Crusher918 ALL Fun Stuff
Real Grenades Behavior [11 may u... Salamon ALL Admin Commands
RBANS 1.2 - IRC-style bans with ... ahtoh ALL Admin Commands
Random Skies tuty ALL General Purpose
info_teleport_destination Angles... ConnorMcLeod ALL Gameplay
Unicode say 1.3 Lulu the hero ALL General Purpose
Rebooter Poison_Jay ALL Admin Commands
Xmas and Easter Presents Spawner... MaximusBrood ALL Fun Stuff
Pushable Object Speed Fix MPNumB ALL Technical/Development
Knife Duel Alka ALL Fun Stuff
Custom Votes v0.3 jtp10181 ALL General Purpose
Various Weapons Knockback v0.1 One shot dont miss! ALL Any
Server Score haimmaik ALL Any
No Use Through Walls MPNumB ALL Technical/Development
Speed Toggle Bugsy ALL Gameplay
Admin blanks EKS ALL Admin Commands
Remember the names Johnny got his gun ALL Server Management
Loading Song Advanced (Updated T... eFrigid ALL Event Related
Bhop Detector Alka ALL Gameplay
Anti DoubleDuck MPNumB ALL Technical/Development
Spam Blocker v3.6 TeoNoman ALL Server Management
Hook Grab v1.3.1 ( SpaceDude and... jtp10181 ALL Fun Stuff
UT Doublesteps 1.4 twistedeuphoria ALL Fun Stuff
Disco Mode GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
DeathBones - V1.1 mogel ALL Fun Stuff
Grab+ ian.cammarata ALL Admin Commands
SleepMod GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
Trunc Commands Twilight Suzuka ALL Any
Remo Teleport Mod mysticssjgoku4 ALL Fun Stuff
Ban Disconnected Player Menu MRG ALL Admin Commands
Ping Faker 1.5 MeRcyLeZZ ALL General Purpose
Breakable Doors (v1.1) Ryan ALL Fun Stuff
Multi Server Chat System hackziner ALL General Purpose
Simple Developer Version 8.0 Silencer123 ALL Technical/Development
Death Sounds drekes ALL Fun Stuff
Tag Mod 2.0 GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
Stuck Bug / Ducked Ladder Bugs F... MPNumB ALL Technical/Development
telemenu without admin immunity nightscreem ALL Admin Commands
No Walls (aka, can't shoot throu... XxAvalanchexX ALL Gameplay
WalkGuard - no camping/climbing/... mogel ALL Admin Commands
Teamspeak show users hackziner ALL General Purpose
DynDNS Updater joropito ALL Server Management
Voicecom SpeakAll EKS ALL Gameplay
Player Map Rank slurpycof ALL Server Management
PaintBall SAMURAI16 ALL Fun Stuff
Health/Armor-Stations | ~ re... regalis ALL Gameplay
Prevent armoury_entity pushing xPaw ALL Technical/Development
Variable Speed Adjuster GHW_Chronic ALL Gameplay
Say Commands Da Bishop ALL Admin Commands
Simple Swear Replacement 1.5 kaboomkazoom ALL Fun Stuff
Headcrab Spawner GHW_Chronic ALL Gameplay
Advanced Chat Blocker v1.1 fezh ALL General Purpose
Compensation [v0.4] EFFx ALL Admin Commands
No See Var ts2do ALL Server Management
Game Name Changer V.1.1 NeuroToxin92 ALL Fun Stuff
SleepMod Advanced 1.0b Dark Killer ALL Fun Stuff
Multi FastDownload joropito ALL Server Management
Admin Slots f117bomb Style DoubleTap ALL Server Management
User registration TheWeed ALL Server Management
OverKill, rewarding a percentage... TwN ALL Fun Stuff
Buy Access M1R0n,M' ALL Fun Stuff
Minigun CLLlAgOB ALL Admin Commands
No touch/pressure breakables BeasT ALL General Purpose
TS Script block EKS ALL Server Management
Clan Vs. All [CS + DOD] GHW_Chronic ALL Gameplay
Duke Nukem HL (sounds) osk522 ALL Fun Stuff
Fireworks++ 3.0 Twilight Suzuka ALL Fun Stuff
Chat Sounds MistaGee ALL Fun Stuff
Mute menu Cheap_Suit ALL General Purpose
Clan Chat (Current Version: 2.0) Infra ALL General Purpose
LO3, Cal Config, & Settings ... GHW_Chronic ALL General Purpose
News Viewer v1.0.3 drekes ALL Server Management
NoChat AssKicR ALL General Purpose
Day Night - Now with changing sky Twilight Suzuka ALL Fun Stuff
Invisible Disturbed ALL Fun Stuff
Dragoneye (Diablo II Mod) (eyeba... Sp4rt4n ALL Any
Auto Demo Recorder v1.5 [08/06/2... Jay-izi ALL General Purpose
Blind port (T(+)rget) Twilight Suzuka ALL Admin Commands
Transistor Radio AssKicR ALL Fun Stuff
Legal Speed Hack GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
Freeze 'em Mk2 jRaven ALL Admin Commands
Anti-Godmode Killing zssz ALL Server Management
Mind Reader [Game] Emilioneri ALL Fun Stuff
CS_Jetpack 1.6983421 Bad_Bud ALL Admin Commands
Remove color from chat Sn!ff3r ALL General Purpose
FFAC/Tools 2.8 hackziner ALL General Purpose
Anti STEAM_ID_PENDING EKS ALL Server Management
Hide & Seek -Demonsthenes- ALL Gameplay
Call an admin on MSN [FFAC/Tool] hackziner ALL Admin Commands
Block "kill" Command [... Fry! ALL Server Management
Fake Death Messages V1.0.1 AssKicR ALL Admin Commands
Admin Screen 2 uTg | bigpapajiggs ALL Admin Commands
Server/players stats motd displa... hackziner ALL Admin Commands
Freeze `em Kensai ALL Admin Commands
Player Skill on aim [FFAC/Tool] hackziner ALL Admin Commands
Map Requests drekes ALL General Purpose
Weapon Max Shot Distance nikhilgupta345 ALL Admin Commands
Hit notifications. pdoubleopdawg ALL General Purpose
Advanced Admin Removal (through ... SweatyBanana ALL Server Management
SuperSlap anakin_cstrike ALL Admin Commands
Plugin Manager & Downloader joaquimandrade ALL Server Management
SQL Connection Manager Zefir ALL Technical/Development
Flight Mode by -]ToC[-Bludy AssKicR ALL Fun Stuff
WeaponMod 1.0 Omega DevconeS ALL Fun Stuff
Call an admin on AIM [FFAC/Tool] hackziner ALL Admin Commands
Command Limiter danielkza ALL Admin Commands
Admin Hierarchy Bugsy ALL Admin Commands
calling functions from the console Greenberet ALL Any
"Hacks" Plugin GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
Frag Game 1.7 M1R0n,M' ALL Gameplay
Long Jump + Bunny Hop GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
Random Monster Fun 1.0.180 Brad ALL Fun Stuff
Headshot Grave anakin_cstrike ALL Fun Stuff
Enemy Alert PIE ALL Any
Ingame remote rcon control hackziner ALL Admin Commands
Bump of chicken Johnny got his gun ALL Fun Stuff
Hook P34nut ALL Fun Stuff
Auto Heal On Damage & Spawn ... ConnorMcLeod ALL Gameplay
Advanced Scroll Message [more cv... tuty ALL Server Management
Silence The Dead 1.0.0 (Updated ... d i g i t a l ALL General Purpose
Report Abusive Players v1.0 - 7/... Gizmo ALL Admin Commands
Message Logging DS ALL Technical/Development
Feedback plugin Deviance ALL General Purpose
Contact an admin on ICQ [FFAC/tool] hackziner ALL Admin Commands
UFBCOM v7 hackziner ALL Server Management
Player-Based CVARs nikhilgupta345 ALL Admin Commands
Nightvision (Lazy) AssKicR ALL General Purpose
TM'z Verification Plugin Updated* tm ALL General Purpose
Duplicate Server Info (Redirect ... Sylwester ALL Server Management
How to get coords with ease. TotalNoobScripter ALL Any
Restrict Names 1.2a Brad ALL Server Management
Portable Cameras johnjg75 ALL Fun Stuff
Scrim_Menu kbf ALL Admin Commands
AMX SlayAll v1.7 dorin2oo7 ALL Admin Commands
Advanced Multiple Scrolling Mess... Ethan ALL General Purpose
Pop Grenade EFFx ALL Admin Commands
Admin Llamacage AssKicR ALL Fun Stuff
Simple Clanwar Management rhin0 ALL Server Management
SpecInfo ian.cammarata ALL Fun Stuff
Warcraft Item Bot (only for war3... DA ALL Admin Commands
Roll (WoW analog) HoRRoR [CSM] ALL Fun Stuff
AMXx EntMod/Stripper2 Update Twilight Suzuka ALL General Purpose
Ghost Recorder TeddyDesTodes ALL General Purpose
Water Fall Damage XxAvalanchexX ALL Gameplay
DMG Doors ian.cammarata ALL Fun Stuff
AntiCommerce Scherzo ALL General Purpose
MapFinder by SchlumPF SchlumPF* ALL Admin Commands
Command logger Johnny got his gun ALL Server Management
Mapend Sounds ntfs ALL Fun Stuff
In-Game Advertisement System v1.... stupok ALL General Purpose
GHW Connect Messages GHW_Chronic ALL Event Related
Glow2 Kensai ALL Fun Stuff
HTTP Server Lib :) hackziner ALL Admin Commands
Headshot Modes Doc-Holiday ALL Gameplay
Grenade explosion ( TIME ) bboygrun ALL Admin Commands
Teleportation facilities bahr ALL Fun Stuff
Vote Knife plugin Rains ALL Any
Tetris ASCII joaquimandrade ALL Fun Stuff
Glowing made easy! bahr ALL Any
Custom Sky - Add a cool new sky ... Cheap_Suit ALL General Purpose
Commands to Chat GHW_Chronic ALL Admin Commands
Tower Defense 1.46 (2008,Aug,14) fxfighter ALL Gameplay
Super Condition Amount Texnux ALL Admin Commands
Pendulum Object Respawn Fix xPaw ALL Event Related
HL2 sprinting Twilight Suzuka ALL Fun Stuff
MySQL Mapcycle GDX^ ALL Server Management
Amx_AirRaid CubicVirtuoso ALL Any
Duel Mod v1.2 Hawk552 ALL Gameplay
Fake Votekick/Voteban borjomi ALL Admin Commands
Ban Disconnected Player Menu Seather ALL Admin Commands
Spray Management kirby7wu ALL Any
Superjump Willmaker ALL Fun Stuff
ShowIP Spunky ALL Admin Commands
Scrolling Text ConnorMcLeod ALL General Purpose
Toggle Plats Respawn Fix xPaw ALL Event Related
Timer v16 - includes: Timer, Day... Twilight Suzuka ALL General Purpose
Bad Map Reporting slurpycof ALL Server Management
Server Packeting Protection stevenlafl ALL Server Management
Ludwig van Console Plugin rex ALL Server Management
Yet another High Ping Kicker EKS ALL Server Management
Parachute to Safety Jordan ALL Fun Stuff
Parachute 1.3 (KRoTaL) jtp10181 ALL Fun Stuff
Player HP check EKS ALL Gameplay
HL Media Player 2 New Stable Ver... anson_wongy ALL Fun Stuff
Auto Weapons [CHEEZ-T] ALL Any
Console Explorer v2.4 6/25/07 stupok ALL Server Management
/votekick say command for players Ramono ALL Server Management
GHW Anti-Camper GHW_Chronic ALL Gameplay
Server menu Janzert ALL General Purpose
Players Remaining Kensai ALL Statistical
Toggleable Noclip GHW_Chronic ALL Admin Commands
Easy Admin Command Menu - Billy The Kid - ALL Admin Commands
[BrainBread] status extended noname\ ALL Admin Commands
Score Tank Kill Simon Logic ALL Gameplay
Change Name [KyleD] pizzahut ALL General Purpose
Force Admin Tag 1.0 BigBaller ALL General Purpose
Admin Hook AssKicR ALL Fun Stuff
Vocom Admin toazron1 ALL Admin Commands
Country On Name bboygrun ALL Admin Commands
Admin FF (updated) Version 1.2 [nFb]GraveKeeper ALL Any
Tripmine Indicator Version 1.2 Silencer123 ALL Fun Stuff
Oxygen Bar shine771 ALL Admin Commands
CountDown for Specified Event breaddawson ALL General Purpose
Death Message Disabler GHW_Chronic ALL General Purpose
amx_rename - adds tag to nick _KaszpiR_ ALL Any
CVars Access System VEN ALL General Purpose
Easy Map Rotation 1.025 CubicVirtuoso ALL Server Management
Admins manager Alka ALL Server Management
Easy Weapon Trade (Connor McLeod) joaquimandrade ALL Gameplay
Gib Death 2.1 <VeCo> ALL Fun Stuff
Worms like deaths drekes ALL Fun Stuff
Spin hack Detector EKS ALL Server Management
MP3 + Wav Player W/ music.ini Pr... eFrigid ALL Fun Stuff
Magic Marker - 04/28/08 stupok ALL Fun Stuff
Power Auto Responder / Power Mac... [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 ALL General Purpose
Auto Weather [UPDATED 11/29/2014] TeddyDesTodes ALL General Purpose
Killing Particles v1.01 [FIXED] metallicawOw ALL Admin Commands
Messagemode menu *UPDATED* bigjam01 ALL Any
Smoke Effects mayhem ALL Any
Amx PM Sonic7145 ALL General Purpose
Timelimit Protection v. 1.0 jsauce ALL Server Management
voteban hjvl ALL Admin Commands
Simple Map Extender v. 1.1 jsauce ALL Server Management
Ultimate Punishment 4.8 v3x ALL Admin Commands
hltv_kick hjvl ALL Server Management
WWA Kill Adv Alka ALL Event Related
Entity Network Monitor MeRcyLeZZ ALL Technical/Development
Take13 Killcam v0.1a GIR ALL Fun Stuff
CVAR Commands Pack johnjg75 ALL Server Management
Executes Commands When Admin Leave mpDOTcain ALL Server Management
GHW Damage Dealt with ESP GHW_Chronic ALL General Purpose
EJL timebombs port (aka Kamikaze) GIR ALL Fun Stuff
Explosion X Johnny got his gun ALL Fun Stuff
helpful_messages Batman/Gorlag ALL Any
xLoadCountdown - countdown until... xOR ALL General Purpose
Knife Bounty + Secure (v1.5) edon1337 ALL Gameplay
GHW Advanced MOTDs [BBCode + More] GHW_Chronic ALL Server Management
Server Guestbook Deviance ALL Fun Stuff
Weird Round Brreaker ALL Fun Stuff
Hostage Icon (sprite fix) Schnuffer ALL Any
Spawn Mirror Damage (Spawnkill P... v3x ALL Gameplay
High Ping Kicker by OLO (0.16.2) shadow ALL General Purpose
Boardwipe: Remove K:D from the b... ReK_ ALL Statistical
amx_IP (Determine Player's IP) Jordan ALL Admin Commands
Clan Manager - A clan management... Zor ALL Gameplay
Server Rules FullThrottle ALL Server Management
AMXx Give 2.0: Give stuff to oth... ReK_ ALL Fun Stuff
Get the Beam! Second Edition MistaGee ALL Fun Stuff
FFAC 3.0 + All Front End + ... hackziner ALL Admin Commands
The Pawn Memory Squeeze [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 ALL Technical/Development
Customizable HUD Messages johnjg75 ALL General Purpose
Server Binds FullThrottle ALL Any
Blockmaker, BCM, & Building ... Exolent[jNr] ALL Server Management
Auto Language v1.1 xPaw ALL General Purpose
Third-Person View Neo-Vortex ALL Fun Stuff
Steal the Bomb! Jordan ALL Admin Commands
HP Balance 1.5.1 Isobold ALL Gameplay
Anti-Spawnkill God (V 1.0) Grinf4ce ALL Gameplay
TravellMeter (v1.5.1b) karlos ALL General Purpose
Entity Tool .Prometheus. ALL Any
Ultimate RSlot OneEyed ALL Any
Rank 3.0 hleV ALL Statistical
Runemod 2 EKS ALL Fun Stuff
Autoresponder and Advertiser (wi... MaximusBrood ALL Server Management
ServerSay Jordan44053 ALL Admin Commands
No More Admin vs Admin GHW_Chronic ALL Admin Commands
Bot Marker v1.1.0 Simon Logic ALL Admin Commands
Chat With Your Country! nikhilgupta345 ALL Admin Commands
Blood Color/Amount Management GHW_Chronic ALL General Purpose
Weapon Model Replacement GHW_Chronic ALL Admin Commands
Hoe Slap 3.0 CrAzy F00L ALL Admin Commands
Fun vote mICKE ALL General Purpose
Clients Vote Low Gravity Sp4rt4n ALL Any
EntMod Manager Seather ALL Admin Commands
Admin Messagemode (McKenzie) Hell Phoenix ALL Admin Commands
Molotov Cocktail v3.30 - Release... DynamicBits ALL Fun Stuff
Total Kills with mySQL Sonic7145 ALL Statistical
Amx Deluxe Adminchat (Ludwig van) Hell Phoenix ALL Admin Commands
Spawn Creator v1.2 Hawk552 ALL Server Management
Voting For Timelimit many ALL Server Management
AMXX No Capslock Dr.G ALL Server Management
Clan Tag Checker ( Protector ) v2.0 v3x ALL General Purpose
Anti-zoom ArtAttack ALL Fun Stuff
Anti-Bigot with RegX matching Manip ALL General Purpose
All Chat ian.cammarata ALL Admin Commands
Player Models API ConnorMcLeod ALL Technical/Development
Leave Messages 1.4 Jon ALL Event Related
Custom Voice Channels nikhilgupta345 ALL Server Management
Day light DanRaZor ALL Fun Stuff
One Name v3.0! (Updated 5-9-06) Xanimos ALL Server Management
FFAC/Tools (Statistics,Banlist,M... hackziner ALL General Purpose
Game Status HUD Display v2.2 Hawk552 ALL Server Management
Stuck? SweatyBanana ALL Gameplay
Advanced Bans (Real Time) by Exo... Exolent[jNr] ALL Server Management
amx_heal v1.1 Smokey485 ALL Fun Stuff
Spectator Banner(PICTURE) Ads jopmako ALL Admin Commands
Gabion Kernel v1.2x Minimum ALL Technical/Development
Infractions System v0.1.5 fezh ALL Admin Commands
Flag A Player Sean D ALL Server Management
Dod CustomSupply Wilson [29th ID] ALL Admin Commands
Permanent message independent ALL General Purpose
Task Scheduler - by JustinHoMi pendragon ALL Server Management
TS Hostage Dirty DuMont ALL Any
Amx Ownage Xanimos ALL Fun Stuff
Cuff Mod Da_sk8rboy ALL Admin Commands
Paintball Gun & Mod travo ALL Admin Commands
Microphone Restrictions 1.2 Jon ALL Server Management
Mod Points SnoW ALL General Purpose
Unstable~Gravity liOVERLOADil ALL Fun Stuff
Mysql Files (NoPlay) LoWe ALL Server Management
Notarget (invis to monsters) Seather ALL Fun Stuff
Percent Bugs Fix F4RR3LL ALL Server Management
Family Sharing Management YamiKaitou ALL Server Management
CVAR Checker EKS ALL Server Management
Exclude Chat Kraugh ALL Fun Stuff
'SpyAdmin' Toggles your admin ON... Smokey485 ALL Server Management
In-game Admin Login ts2do ALL Any
Loadingsong (play a song during ... [OSA]Odin ALL General Purpose
Controll Gravity Silencer123 ALL Fun Stuff
SharkMod edeloa ALL Admin Commands
AdminICQ - Send message to admin... Flasher ALL Server Management
Wall Text stupok ALL Fun Stuff
HNS Danger Meter Alka ALL Fun Stuff
Show keyvalues. pdoubleopdawg ALL General Purpose
player unbury SweatyBanana ALL Gameplay
Noclip & Godmode watch ALL Admin Commands
Log in the file server players Starsailor ALL Server Management
Country kicker EKS ALL Server Management
Amx_banshot ban with screenshot F34RInc ALL Admin Commands
Player Spawn Points Fixer v0.3.2 Simon Logic ALL General Purpose
fullupdate Blocker (fixes an exp... jtp10181 ALL Event Related
Life Saver Shield Peli ALL Any
FlamingBarriers XxAvalanchexX ALL Fun Stuff
Emergency Defuse Kit Locks ALL Admin Commands
[ZP] Human HP Disguise BOYSplayCS ALL Admin Commands
Walk through walls Xalus ALL Admin Commands
Bad Camper 1.4.239 Brad ALL Server Management
Health Disguise v1.1 BOYSplayCS ALL Fun Stuff
Admin glow EKS ALL Admin Commands
Unlimited Ammo dod/tfc/ns/ts/esf... Seather ALL Fun Stuff
Infinite Rechargers xPaw ALL Event Related
Glowing Color By Speed Garey ALL Admin Commands
AMX Help Dump (Command List to F... twistedeuphoria ALL Server Management
No Suicide Sonic7145 ALL Gameplay
No Fall Death anakin_cstrike ALL Gameplay
Infinite Flash Battery xPaw ALL Event Related
Fart Mod v1.2 wrecked_ ALL Fun Stuff
jail_204jailbreak_v1 Map fix. Javivi ALL Admin Commands
admin alltalk plugin (Ludwig van) [nFb]GraveKeeper ALL Any
Mapconfig Extended _KaszpiR_ ALL General Purpose
Chat Rooms 1.0 shine771 ALL General Purpose
SendMessage Greenberet ALL Any
Restrict Kills 1.1 4554 ALL Admin Commands
Vehicle Knife Sound Fix bibu ALL Technical/Development
Simple Swear Filter KiN | SuicideDog ALL Server Management
Psycholisten by PsychoGuard Geesu ALL Admin Commands
Commands Blocker v0.1.1 fezh ALL General Purpose
MessageMode [CCC]Taz-Devil ALL Admin Commands
In-game Model Viewer (Great for ... doomy ALL Any
Constant Names v1.2 KoST ALL Server Management
MySnapshot v1.0.1 Simon Logic ALL General Purpose
Killstreak records 2.1.2 BeasT ALL Statistical
Maths Genius Silencer123 ALL Fun Stuff
Rates Check pRED* ALL Admin Commands
HolySlap By BarMan FroXeN ALL Fun Stuff
Client Plugin Lister v0.1 v3x ALL General Purpose
Emote Emp` ALL General Purpose
Saving Origins 1.0 (Drak) BlackMilk ALL Admin Commands
HLTV Autorecord draft ALL Admin Commands
Server Password [CCC]Taz-Devil ALL Server Management
dig_you_in wouter ALL Admin Commands
Dod MapSettings Wilson [29th ID] ALL Admin Commands
iChat 2.3.3 - The most powerful ... -Kid- ALL Fun Stuff
AMXX Command Search GHW_Chronic ALL Server Management
GHW Pet Followers GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
Gabion Kernel v1.3x (1.31) Minimum ALL Technical/Development
Map MOTD Deviance ALL Admin Commands
Preset KillStreak v1.1.4 Simon Logic ALL Fun Stuff
Admininfo (v1.2.1) karlos ALL Any
Dump Ent Info EKS ALL Admin Commands
Adrenaline Mod GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
call an admin via email Greenberet ALL General Purpose
Say Commands defyboy ALL General Purpose
Point System 1.6.2 || [14/10/2008] atomen ALL Gameplay
Double The Kills (0.1) BOYSplayCS ALL Fun Stuff
AMX Lang Chat 1.08! - 04/04/10 Giaaan de St ALL Admin Commands
Server Tasks v2.0 claudiuhks ALL Server Management
Q3 Armour v1.0.1 Simon Logic ALL Gameplay
Hud Weapon Speed (FIX 2.0) AntiBots ALL Gameplay
I LOVE LAN XxAvalanchexX ALL Server Management
Echo 0.7 shine771 ALL Admin Commands
32-bit test v2.0 supermega ALL Admin Commands
Forward Logging (Developers) Ramono ALL Technical/Development
AMX Voice Proximity Wilson [29th ID] ALL Gameplay
Media Kick/Ban ::V3.5:: allenwr ALL Admin Commands
Random quotes Lt Llama ALL Admin Commands
Lighting Smoke Nades SAMURAI16 ALL Fun Stuff
Spectator-menu fix ]FUSION[ Gray Death ALL Any
Fall Movement Paulster1022 ALL Admin Commands
Facebook Connect 1.0 ALL Admin Commands
Xtreme Medic Doc-Holiday ALL General Purpose
Psychostats Interface Plugin (By... BigBaller ALL Server Management
Client Votes GHW_Chronic ALL Server Management
HLSS Block v13ttweaker ALL Server Management
Sprites Show ([email protected]) johnjg75 ALL Admin Commands
Admin Paint v1.5 genesis ALL Fun Stuff
Client Cvar Rules PM ALL General Purpose
Rush HP Bonus v1.0 (05/19/06) KoST ALL Gameplay
say /ragequit jRaven ALL Fun Stuff
func_breakable bug fix xPaw ALL Gameplay
1337 Text Converter GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
PInfo (shows connections/rounds/... OneEyed ALL Statistical
Super Admin Slash [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 ALL Admin Commands
Steam Friends Highlighter joaquimandrade ALL Fun Stuff
Web Johnny got his gun ALL Fun Stuff
Antiflood with name change spam ... Johnny got his gun ALL Server Management
Save the English Language! Twilight Suzuka ALL Server Management
Advanced Client Redirection Twilight Suzuka ALL General Purpose
Protect Names Exolent[jNr] ALL General Purpose
Buy Icon Fix bibu ALL Admin Commands
Point Script Fean0r ALL General Purpose
Glow and Colors [just fun] RULEEwasdsa ALL Fun Stuff
Admin Models and Player Models mogel ALL Admin Commands
Plugin Autoloader v1.0 Hawk552 ALL Server Management
Lie Flat (Nomexous) Nomexous ALL Fun Stuff
Inline Config API Shadows In Rain ALL Admin Commands
Fragle (Frag Stealing) liOVERLOADil ALL Fun Stuff
AllocString space recycler Xiaobaibai ALL Admin Commands
Kill Player X Times Deviance ALL Admin Commands
You Just Got Rick Rolled v1.1 Dr. Jan Itor ALL Fun Stuff
Blink (Teleport by sight) (scout... BlueRaja ALL Fun Stuff
In-Game Notes v.1.0 Pro Patria Finland ALL Technical/Development
Admin Tag Enforcement/Protection atambo ALL Server Management
Bulletin Board Admin Mod DaSoul ALL Server Management
Linux func_rotating bug fixer Ramono ALL Technical/Development
EAM (Extendable Admin Menu) Emp` ALL Admin Commands
Weapon Physics [v2.1] (Nomexous) Nomexous ALL Fun Stuff
Entity Remover by Exolent Exolent[jNr] ALL Admin Commands
Awp Map Control For AMX X ZiO114 ALL Any
HLTV Report (v1.1.1) |PJ| Shorty ALL Server Management
Pick up present v2.01 FakeNick ALL Fun Stuff
AMX Auto Slay v0.1.1b fezh ALL Admin Commands
Automatic Unstucking Ramono ALL General Purpose
Power Votes Core [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 ALL Admin Commands
Change Name KyleD ALL General Purpose
No fall damage (Eliminates damag... v3x ALL Gameplay
FFAC : ffac_nasa55, Server start... hackziner ALL Admin Commands
Music Menu Advance +ARUKARI- ALL Fun Stuff
Server Restart v2.2 Hawk552 ALL Server Management
Grenade Request shuttle_wave ALL Admin Commands
Gauss Jumping Drak ALL Fun Stuff
Admin assassin pixel3 ALL Any
TFC Armor FormulaZero ALL Admin Commands
admin alltalk(deluxe) gort ALL Admin Commands
Vote Map Emp` ALL Server Management
Force Status while recording demo Sylwester ALL General Purpose
A Blackjack Game joaquimandrade ALL Fun Stuff
Voicecomm ban EKS ALL Admin Commands
Auto Message Displayer (Advertiser) GHW_Chronic ALL General Purpose
Shoot Weapons (Nomexous) Nomexous ALL Fun Stuff
Config Adder - 0.0.2 ConnorMcLeod ALL Server Management
Mirror Damage EKS ALL Server Management
AMX SSBan v2.6 [UPDATE: 10.Jul.2... dorin2oo7 ALL Admin Commands
[VR Mod] Bandages Doc-Holiday ALL Fun Stuff
Model/Sprite Spawner w/ Auto-Res... GHW_Chronic ALL General Purpose
[06/04/10] Map Bans grimvh2 ALL Admin Commands
Keypad login EKS ALL Server Management
Pi Emp` ALL Fun Stuff
Model Replacement Technology Twilight Suzuka ALL General Purpose
Command Logging with SQL v1.4(Up... Xanimos ALL Server Management
Map Cycle Restoration on Crash (... Maddo ALL Server Management
IRC bot for Steam (chanbot) DarkSnow ALL Statistical
Counter-Strike Deathmatch 2.1 (C... BAILOPAN ALL Admin Commands
TS Weapon restrictions EKS ALL Server Management
Voice Punisher 1.1 Paulster1022 ALL Admin Commands
AMX Log v0.2.2 fezh ALL Admin Commands
UserWelcome with CountryName SweatyBanana ALL General Purpose
OOC Chat Emp` ALL General Purpose
say_AFK gort ALL General Purpose
Admin Voice -Admin to Admin Comm... Zor ALL Admin Commands
No Chat Spam by Exolent Exolent[jNr] ALL General Purpose
Simple Slots Reservation Jhob94 ALL General Purpose
mp3 player Dark_Clutz ALL Fun Stuff
Daily Server Configs BigBaller ALL Any
Psychostats/HLStats Rank [1.0f] ... Fyre ALL Statistical
Texture Model & WAD Precacher ts2do ALL Technical/Development
Spawn Protection Peli ALL Server Management
Connect Announce w/ Sound 0.2 v3x ALL Event Related
Join / Leave Sounds and Sayings ... Zor ALL Fun Stuff
Hats sgtbane ALL Admin Commands
Mortal Headshot v0.1.1 eXtrem ALL Fun Stuff
Show Access Permissions Indiana ALL Admin Commands
halfd Interface - Interfaces bet... Zor ALL Admin Commands
UFBCOM AntiCheat V2 hackziner ALL Admin Commands
How-To-Admin uTg | bigpapajiggs ALL General Purpose
HostageMod Mockers ALL Fun Stuff
AMXX Precacher Redux Cyrez ALL Technical/Development
Sank Sounds (Luke Sankey) (v1.9.1) karlos ALL General Purpose
Auto-Responder (chat) 0.3 v3x ALL General Purpose
FFAC : Location, display CITY, d... hackziner ALL Admin Commands
Round End Blocker (without fakec... Dores ALL Gameplay
Don't touch the water [1.4] Raddish ALL Fun Stuff
Show GeoIP Indiana ALL Statistical
Weapon Training Mod MistaGee ALL General Purpose
Custom Say Commands GHW_Chronic ALL General Purpose
Decals/Models Lister v0.2 [devel... VEN ALL Technical/Development
Polymorph: Mod Manager fysiks ALL Admin Commands
Nice player trail bahr ALL Any
amx_forceuse coldkillerlips ALL Admin Commands
Chat Mute - 08/18/08 stupok ALL General Purpose
Active admins MOTD FakeNick ALL Admin Commands
Shoop da Whoop Slay hlstriker ALL Fun Stuff
Classic Roleplaying v1.0 Smokey485 ALL Any
Country Track aake ALL General Purpose
Easy Speech Reborn [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 ALL Admin Commands
RC (Remote Control) Car Mod GHW_Chronic ALL Fun Stuff
WeaponBox FadeOut GordonFreeman (RU) ALL Fun Stuff
CrossServer-AdminChat v2.0.3 (Ju... KoST ALL Admin Commands
[ZP+BIOHAZARD] Chat addon 1.5 Lure.d ALL Event Related
Hook Grab Deluxe ts2do ALL Fun Stuff
Plugin Editor - Push functions a... Twilight Suzuka ALL Any
Xeno Core Twilight Suzuka ALL General Purpose
Special Effects By Command Twilight Suzuka ALL General Purpose
Engine Chat (v0.4) karlos ALL Any
Lame Connection Punisher 1.2 MeRcyLeZZ ALL General Purpose
Aim Info + Country xPaw ALL Statistical
Keek PomanoB ALL Fun Stuff
Amx UnConstant Cvar v1.1 (2 - 20... Xanimos ALL General Purpose
Surf Jail Opener danielkza ALL Fun Stuff
HLTV inviter IsoTeemu ALL Any
Anti-Admin Abuse | All In One GHW_Chronic ALL Server Management
Juicy Corpse v0.3 VEN ALL Fun Stuff
ShowIP v1.61 - Show IP and hostn... ahtoh ALL General Purpose
KeyValue Event Manager ts2do ALL Technical/Development
Admin Dropkick travo ALL Admin Commands
Timeleft as Game Description joaquimandrade ALL Event Related
Master Vote v1.1 UPDATED 04-12-10 Xanimos ALL Server Management
Monster Spawn Editor Nibato ALL Server Management
MyPhysics v0.3.1 Simon Logic ALL Gameplay
Laser Guns v2.7.6 ( Ludwig van ) jtp10181 ALL Fun Stuff
Loading Music II v1.2.9 Simon Logic ALL Fun Stuff
Advanced Fog 0.7 shine771 ALL General Purpose
No DROWN in Water tuty ALL Fun Stuff
Enhanced Map Searching v1.6 ( Lu... jtp10181 ALL General Purpose
Advanced Voice Communiction Syst... genesis ALL General Purpose
FakeMeta Research Wilson [29th ID] ALL Technical/Development
GHW amxmodmenu GHW_Chronic ALL Admin Commands
Buy Stealth [v1.6.1] laziboi72 ALL Fun Stuff
Telemove [AoL]Demandred ALL Any
Blood Colorizer ts2do ALL Fun Stuff
Water Manipulation by Exolent Exolent[jNr] ALL General Purpose
Server Messages by Leon McVeran Leon M. ALL Server Management
Entbug Fix watch ALL General Purpose
GHW Ultimate Slays GHW_Chronic ALL Admin Commands
Task frame MPNumB ALL Technical/Development
Realistic Reloading -- By eDeloa edeloa ALL Admin Commands
Ultimate Gore v1.6 *UPDATED 7/5/... jtp10181 ALL Fun Stuff
Advanced Show Activities Twilight Suzuka ALL Admin Commands
Team Win Streak Ownage travo ALL Admin Commands
Hangman [ --<-@ ] Black Rose ALL Fun Stuff
FFAC: Top/flop 15/50/100/all of ... hackziner ALL Admin Commands
Football Jam v1.2 OneEyed ALL Admin Commands
IRC /me Action (By: Phreak) WDUK ALL Any
Anti-Spam FlashLight Leo_BH ALL Gameplay
Client Mp3 Player Cr3V3TT3 ALL Fun Stuff
Automatic Restart - Prevent fast... ToT | V!PER ALL Any
Admin Speed v1.1 ( set user max... kinsprite2 ALL Admin Commands
Fog ts2do ALL General Purpose
Deathrun: CTSafe buttons (preven... OciXCrom ALL Server Management
Hudmessage placer EKS ALL Admin Commands
Timed Commands Drak ALL Server Management
Server preformance monitor EKS ALL Server Management
Loading Music (easy to use direc... AndraX2000 ALL Admin Commands
VIP Manager + API Exolent[jNr] ALL General Purpose
music_menu(Server-BGM) +ARUKARI- ALL Fun Stuff
First Person Death MPNumB ALL Event Related
Server Connect Message shine771 ALL Admin Commands
lmModule 1.1 BETA (a location re... kulfaangaren! ALL Any
Syn-Scripts Checkpoint (menu) Zenith77 ALL Admin Commands
clockmaker_v1.1 [CM] Necro ALL General Purpose
No Slashing Zones grimvh2 ALL Admin Commands
[10/02/10] No Hostage Steal grimvh2 ALL General Purpose
Bulk Map Settings rain ALL Server Management
Content Replacer ts2do ALL Gameplay
Multi Invis Enipy ALL Admin Commands
FlameThrower v5.3.5 ( Ludwig van ) jtp10181 ALL Fun Stuff
Vote Kick/Ban Menu WaZZeR++ ALL Admin Commands
AutoLang v1.5.02(+95 country sup... faluco ALL General Purpose
Zero (0) HP Bug Fix by Exolent Exolent[jNr] ALL Gameplay
Connect Sound (v1.2.3) karlos ALL General Purpose
AdminmodX - A port of some admin... Zor ALL Any
DBI Clan Management for Amxmodx ... Zor ALL Any
Daily Restart watch ALL General Purpose
Files Check (amxx port of soundc... ConnorMcLeod ALL Server Management
BlockMaker Framework joropito ALL Fun Stuff
Watchlist drekes ALL Admin Commands
Night and day + Vote + Fastskych... Ramono ALL Fun Stuff
Magic 8ball Twilight Suzuka ALL Any
Advanced Bot Balance Podunk ALL Server Management
AMXX Gag v1.4.9 - Menu, Reconnec... xPaw ALL Admin Commands
[03/04/10] New Command Adder grimvh2 ALL Admin Commands
TacticalRobot (API) - a general ... jlkj81352 ALL Technical/Development
Amxbans 6.x lantz69 ALL Admin Commands
LAN Notifier 1.0a Brad ALL General Purpose
Ban for Cheat messages draft ALL Server Management
WWW Reg Johnny got his gun ALL Server Management
Auto Map Change On Empty Server ... twistedeuphoria ALL Server Management
Bad Aim 1.31 twistedeuphoria ALL Admin Commands
FFManagement-1.6 [Original by RA... CRAZyBUg ALL Any
Player Location 0.7b anson_wongy ALL Admin Commands
Gib-Slay (aka Gory-Slay) M249-M4A1 ALL Admin Commands
Extra Precacher Alka ALL Server Management
Requiem Plugin - added req_locusts CubicVirtuoso ALL Fun Stuff
Serverinfo p3tsin ALL General Purpose
FakeFull Original v1.7.6 jtp10181 ALL Server Management
BlockTheVote neuromancer ALL Server Management
Php-> AmxX devicenull ALL Server Management
AmxX Auto Bind. (Updated 9-28-06) Xanimos ALL Server Management
Command Repeater Kraugh ALL Admin Commands
Player Button Spy [0.7.1] shine771 ALL General Purpose
Event Sounds (CS) Zenith77 Event Related
CSDM 2.0 (Old Version) BAILOPAN Fun Stuff
Hostage Pushing ts2do Fun Stuff
Chicken bombs Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Sequence Recorder GHW_Chronic General Purpose
Bullet Whizz Cheap_Suit Fun Stuff
CS AFK Manager [email protected] Server Management
Command Consolidation v1.1 Hawk552 Admin Commands
Auto Taunts * v1.3 update * commonbullet Fun Stuff
Change Score Freecode Fun Stuff
Rats fixer EKS Gameplay
Pallets with Bags SAMURAI16 Fun Stuff
Invisibility Wars Freecode Fun Stuff
Run Planting ts2do Gameplay
HeadShot-Master - stats for head... Leichenklaus Statistical
BombSite Radar jopmako Fun Stuff
Buy a Bomb v2.0 (UPDATED) X-Script General Purpose
Resident Evil: Half-Life v1.4 Sam Tsuki Gameplay
[ZP] Extra Item: Golden Ak - 47 ... AlejandroSk General Purpose
Vix (Command Delayer) v1.0.1 DarkGod Admin Commands
Shop System + API Exolent[jNr] Fun Stuff
[CS] Assists [TAB - Kills/Deaths... RuleBreaker General Purpose
Clan Sort ts2do Admin Commands
Pay to Kill! 0.5b anson_wongy Fun Stuff
Biohazard v2.00 Beta 3b (Zombie ... Cheap_Suit Gameplay
Juggernaut GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Map Objectives Notifier v2.0 UPD... Xanimos Gameplay
[ZP] Extra Item: Teleport NiHiLaNTh Fun Stuff
surf_ski_2: Rules Watcher v1.1 xPaw Admin Commands
Teams Manager All-In-One Exolent[jNr] General Purpose
Check Shots v 1.1 (Shows admin, ... jsauce Statistical
Color Chat mateo10 General Purpose
Descriptive 'Fire in the hole!' ... VEN Gameplay
AdThemes - Cover those CS ads - ... Vet General Purpose
Players Drop Money v1.7 [UPDATED] shine771 General Purpose
Tricky Terrorist joaquimandrade Fun Stuff
Adrenaline Boost watch Fun Stuff
AWP One Shot XxAvalanchexX Gameplay
Tag Game Crusher918 Gameplay
NadeType Ammo API v1.2 ot_207 Fun Stuff
HSC: Hostage Scenario Changer ts2do Gameplay
Diablo Mod v8.0 N1ghtmr1 Fun Stuff
Words/Sentences Counter + Words ... Dores Statistical
Counter-Strike Tactics v1.1 Hawk552 Gameplay
Healthkit (like in HL) VEN Fun Stuff
VRCP - Video Renderer Checker/Pu... Sn!ff3r Server Management
WeaponGiver onfirenburnin420 Fun Stuff
ProChat MPNumB Technical/Development
Jumpkick v1.2 Hawk552 Fun Stuff
CT Bomb Stealer [v0.2beta] VEN Gameplay
VIP Plugin 3.0 UPDATED Dunn0 Gameplay
Helmet Hit Sound bomnacama Gameplay
Bounty Hunter moosewanted Gameplay
Boost Fix MPNumB Technical/Development
No More Rcon tnsk8er27 Admin Commands
cs_deagle5 - Knife on bridge xx_sirhc_xx General Purpose
Rendering Players Test KWo Technical/Development
Sound for "Ammunition Deple... MistaGee Fun Stuff
Force Team Win VEN Gameplay
Teleport Smoke Grenade VEN Fun Stuff
Map Armouries Invisibility v0.2 ... VEN General Purpose
Metamap v0.2 Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Ptahhotep's Team Balancer 1.7b8 ... Ingerfara Gameplay
Capture The Flag <richie> GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
ammo for hp wouter Fun Stuff
Extra Lives Deviance Fun Stuff
Time To Defuse hebusletroll Gameplay
Money HUD Effect 0.9 shine771 General Purpose
[CSDM] Team Spawning 1.3.2 (fina... schmurgel1983 Gameplay
Jetpack Lite v3x Fun Stuff
Full Server Idler Kicker (+last ... VEN General Purpose
Weapon Trail anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (AND tr... Geesu Fun Stuff
Y.A.S.C. - Yet Another Sniper Co... bAnTAi Any
Unlock Doors commonbullet General Purpose
Buy Jumppack Locks Fun Stuff
Bounties gangien Fun Stuff
surf_ski_2: Jail remover & A... xPaw Gameplay
Trade Money gladius Gameplay
CS Sprite fix EKS Server Management
Lastround bAnTAi Any
Stats Display Kensai Statistical
Buy C4 Locks Fun Stuff
Team' s fund Ryu2877 Admin Commands
Head Crab Me: Infection Sam Tsuki Gameplay
KZ Necro Cup v2.0 trooper [kz-na] Gameplay
[ZP] Extra Item: Gauss v0.6 [Bug... meTaLiCroSS Fun Stuff
Random FX knekter Fun Stuff
Last man bets Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
MapsX [ v0.5.1 ] ( 2007-08-07 up... Ryu2877 Fun Stuff
Deception joaquimandrade Fun Stuff
Show teammate's money K.K.Lv Statistical
amx_exec tnsk8er27 Admin Commands
Bringin Back Counter-Strike 1.3 ts2do Fun Stuff
uSurf v5.2 (Formerly Surf Manage... Hawk552 Server Management
OL/DOD Import Maps to CS * new ... commonbullet Gameplay
Grenade Touch Damage v1.3 xPaw Event Related
HotVision MPNumB Gameplay
Deathrun Free Round xPaw Gameplay
AMX Exec 2 v0.3 v3x Admin Commands
Weapon Arena v2.0.4 jtp10181 Fun Stuff
Ghost Respawning 1.1 mateo10 Fun Stuff
Defuse Mistake 1.4 - 03/30/08 Redshift187 Gameplay
Disconnect Reason Bugsy General Purpose
amx_xweapons ( Kubo )(works for cs) kingpin Fun Stuff
CSNadeFuses XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff
Admin Push out of the way! v 1.2 jsauce General Purpose
Player wanted nightscreem Gameplay
Halo Mod v3.4 soccdoodcss Fun Stuff
Instant Grenades Throwing [Versi... Dores Gameplay
Surf Ski 2 Admin Menu tuty Admin Commands
Insane Pistol Arena X V0.5 [upda... knekter Fun Stuff
Auto Round Restart [autorr] - v1... SubStream Server Management
GunGame AMXX XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff
HUD Customizer 0.4 Igoreso Gameplay
Achievements Dr. Pastout Gameplay
[CS1.6|CZ] Knife Realism Blizzard_87 Fun Stuff
Voices Management v1.0.2 (04/19/08) ConnorMcLeod Server Management
TOP Flags M1R0n,M' Fun Stuff
Reloading Radio Sound xPaw Event Related
HEV suit emulation MistaGee Fun Stuff
Predator Mode haimmaik Fun Stuff
Timeconfigs V1.1 DA Server Management
Death-info beams III BMJ Event Related
Memo IPs Kenvelo Admin Commands
Hobo Nade Management ( FINAL ) hoboman Gameplay
Info Zone Alka Gameplay
Money Give +ARUKARI- Fun Stuff
Smoke Limiter Dores General Purpose
Build Dispenser tuty Fun Stuff
hldsdl_map_vote (0LO) kingpin Admin Commands
T move hossies Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Player Status in DB +ARUKARI- Statistical
AMXX Punisher Scherzo Fun Stuff
Surf Simpsons Pro Firippu General Purpose
Spiderman Mod (Krotal) <Vers... Sp4rt4n Fun Stuff
SpeedUP .:Movementspeed adjuster:. regalis Fun Stuff
Auto Death Match (GeekGod) [RED-Designs] Fun Stuff
[KZ] Silent Healer xPaw Event Related
Team Icon Spr [1.0.5] [CSDM Supp... tuty Fun Stuff
Dust2 texture abuse fix Simo123 Gameplay
Silent Assault v0.1 (for assault... v3x Gameplay
Surf Olympics v1.5.2a OneEyed Statistical
C4 Plant Money Bonus Locks Fun Stuff
CSDM Teambalancer V1.1 DA Server Management
Advanced ResetScore 0.2.0 anakin_cstrike Statistical
Accuracy Fix MPNumB Technical/Development
tracer_fire (jon) kingpin Event Related
The Stealth Bag Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Revamped Jetpack - original by Lazy sambro Fun Stuff
Enemy Radar v1.32 AdaskoMX General Purpose
Guardian (Gears of War 2) 1.43 -... JoshGomez Gameplay
Shields for T Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Weapon Info Dump [development] VEN Technical/Development
Fake C4 Alka Fun Stuff
NO RETRY 1.16 ( or reconnect ) (... Priski Server Management
Freeze Tag mod Javivi Gameplay
Random C4 Spawn Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Max Payne Zoom for Awp [v1.2 rel... genesis Fun Stuff
Random Teams atambo Gameplay
Pistol And Ammo (Verison 1.1) wilson409 Fun Stuff
VIP Objective Balance MPNumB Gameplay
Spec Kick 1.0 Server Management
VoteZero XxAvalanchexX General Purpose
Hobo AFK Management ( FINAL ) hoboman Gameplay
de_survivor map fix Hunter-Digital Technical/Development
Luds Weapon Restrictions (Ludwig... jtp10181 General Purpose
Weapon Icon Display ( zenix ) hoboman General Purpose
Penetrable Shield v1.5 ot_207 Gameplay
game_team_master & game_team... AlexALX Technical/Development
Streak ditka Statistical
JailMod++ MistaGee Fun Stuff
DOD Style Reinforcements Emp` Fun Stuff
Spectator List 1.2a FatalisDK General Purpose
Bloodthirsty Alka Fun Stuff
Info Rank 0.4.1 ConnorMcLeod Statistical
PS Rank PsychoStats v2.0.1+ (In-... cgountanis Statistical
Ditka's Nade Controller (for fy_... ditka General Purpose
AMX Poker 0.4 commonbullet Fun Stuff
No Objectives v0.3 (+no round ti... VEN Gameplay
HudTextArgs Blocker joaquimandrade Server Management
Deathrun: Life Transfer tuty General Purpose
Halo Style Respawning Emp` Fun Stuff
Knife Drop Alucard^ Gameplay
Water Freeze anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
Custom Map URL prompt Hupio General Purpose
Knifes Only(Zaltoa) BillyTheKid Fun Stuff
Warcraft 3: Expansion Ryan Fun Stuff
AMX Cards mateo10 Fun Stuff
Bunny Hop Abilities v0.5.2 ( dec... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
[Kreedz] Kz Auto Add Spawns ConnorMcLeod Server Management
FrostNades XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff
Nade Giver v4.8 ot_207 Fun Stuff
Double Knife Frags Rul4 Fun Stuff
Roundend Blocker Nextra General Purpose
Sniper Realism (SuicideDog) upda... KiN | SuicideDog Fun Stuff
tk_glow tron73 Gameplay
A3RA - Recording Assistant Alcedema Admin Commands
GasNades (aka smokegrenades make... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Quick Nade 'n Shoot Cheap_Suit Gameplay
Meow Meow / Scout Conc Emp` Gameplay
ratemap 0.9.6 stmn Statistical
Aim Practice (aka. Headshot only... rompom7 General Purpose
Enemy spotted Johnny got his gun Gameplay
KHSF Vrs.2 Front Line Fun Stuff
Popcorn atambo Fun Stuff
CovertOps (Krypt-Keep3r) [updated] xmdxtremekiller Fun Stuff
PTB 1.7b8 German Version [DMW] COMANCHE Gameplay
KA Fun (gives free weapons each ... Geesu Fun Stuff
Health Display by Exolent Exolent[jNr] General Purpose
Objectives converter v0.6 (WON o... Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
TeamLocker bmann_420 Admin Commands
Silent Nades .:silence is your f... regalis General Purpose
bullet_damage(f117bomb) kingpin Fun Stuff
Drop Defuser Kit DS Fun Stuff
Bazooka Advanced (Version 1.3d S... Major_victory Fun Stuff
Drop Or Hide The Bomb K.K.Lv Gameplay
AWP Damage Reducer XxAvalanchexX General Purpose
Admin Explode tuty Fun Stuff
Admin All in One Commands [Last... BigBaller Fun Stuff
Scoutzknivez Fun v0.3 v3x Fun Stuff
Ultimate Money Rewards [ UMR ] anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
DeadChat with Admin PA system NE... KiN | SuicideDog Fun Stuff
[v2.5.2, March 19] Trouble in Te... GuskiS Gameplay
Follow the wounded ( [email protected] ) v3x Fun Stuff
AK vs. M4 0.2d Dark Killer Fun Stuff
Blind Fury Freecode Fun Stuff
Weapon Money Reward(Similar) kingpin Fun Stuff
Frag Mod mateo10 Fun Stuff
Survival Frags 3Di General Purpose
Spawn Damage Preventer v0.1.1 fezh General Purpose
Anti Spawn Kill V1.5 (Updated 15... eyal282 Gameplay
BATGIRL's Automatic Crazy Votes ... xmdxtremekiller Fun Stuff
FragCounter(Scarzzurs) kingpin Statistical
AutoResetScore: Resets to 0 if K... fufu5000 Event Related
Soccer Jam v2.07a OneEyed Gameplay
AimBot Detection Bugsy Admin Commands
Score Admin Info vato loco [GE-S] Fun Stuff
Amx_fire (f117bomb) Sp4rt4n Admin Commands
Dropped Bomb Defuse v0.3.1 VEN Gameplay
Hold the Bomb SweatyBanana Event Related
Emergency Ammo Mini_Midget Gameplay
Weapons Crosshairs 0.2.2 ( 06-15... ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
Crysis Nanosuit Advanced v12.3 ot_207 Gameplay
Survivor kernelInspired Gameplay
Spawn Origins Collector v0.1.0 fezh Technical/Development
Survivor potatis_invalido Gameplay
Bonus for spawn of player TitANious General Purpose
[KZ] Simple Timer fezh Statistical
Hostname Changer V 1.1 (NO CSHAC... MasterWanger Server Management
Individual Weapon Restrictions Bugsy Admin Commands
Scope Alert xPaw Event Related
Anti Camper's Radar joaquimandrade Server Management
advanced_tracers plugin by Ivan ... Combat Wombat Fun Stuff
AMX Super Extensions Bo0m! Admin Commands
Grenade Realism v2.0 [HL alike a... ot_207 Gameplay
Counter-Strike Pick Up Manager Craxor Admin Commands
Ludwigs EJL Nukem DoubleTap Fun Stuff
I See Dead People (Player Ghosts... Velocity36 Fun Stuff
Reload bar Ramono Event Related
Drop All Weapons On Death (14 ju... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Weapons Zoom ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Ludwigs Sound Download Management DoubleTap General Purpose
Hide N Seek OneEyed Fun Stuff
Bouncing Nades GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Deathrun Manager by xPaw v3.0.3 ... xPaw Gameplay
Status Monitor v1.1a (Updated) ex0r Statistical
CS Shop v5.0 - [05/24/09] IneedHelp Fun Stuff
Refill ammo on kill (for CSDM) TheRadiance Gameplay
RPG mod by Sylwester Sylwester Gameplay
Team Voice Control wrecked_ General Purpose
New NightVision Goggle (No Lag) BB.O. Fun Stuff
Insanity Mod v.22 (Saved Exp-Ass... Big John Fun Stuff
CrateNade Backup Fun Stuff
Ghostchat (NetRipper) Velocity36 General Purpose
Invisible Man atambo Gameplay
Karma System Alka Statistical
Virus SmokeNade [1.3] anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
Poisoned Bullets v1.3e unnyquee Gameplay
Final Fantasy X MOD 0.7 (UPDATED!) Z4KN4F31N Fun Stuff
Bomb awards (Coolzsb) Sp4rt4n Fun Stuff
CSNadePriming XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff
Laser/TripMine Entity +ARUKARI- Fun Stuff
Fake VIP v2.0.1c fezh Fun Stuff
Kick Money Ball--v1.2.1 K.K.Lv Fun Stuff
Zoomless Announcer anakin_cstrike Event Related
Increase VIP Bullets xPaw Gameplay
Advanced HP & AP *Updated* v0.2 MagicShot Fun Stuff
Automatic knife duel Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
amx_checkpoint_beta(DarkShadowST) kingpin Fun Stuff
No Radio Flood v1.1 Starsailor Server Management
AMX Spank2 (Denkkar Seffyd) (Upd... [nFb]GraveKeeper Admin Commands
AFK Bomb blackflagg Server Management
Plant Anywhere ([email protected]) Velocity36 Fun Stuff
TA Autoknife VEN Fun Stuff
All T's Get a Bomb Kensai Gameplay
GeoCaching Mod Edza Fun Stuff
(ImJust2Nasty) Admin Alltalk Wit... [nFb]GraveKeeper Fun Stuff
LeaderGlow (deadBeat) manorastroman Fun Stuff
Fun Mod RaD-PimP Fun Stuff
CustomFlashlight XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff
Knife API v2.2 Backstabnoob Gameplay
StatsX 0.9.8b (CS 1.6) XAD Statistical
Admin Max speed(f117bomb) kingpin Fun Stuff
NoSil (hides silencer on models) XxAvalanchexX Gameplay
rememberthefrags SQL 0.2.6 beta Podunk Statistical
Call of Duty 4: Martyrdom soccdoodcss Gameplay
Big John Nuke - Players can use ... Big John Fun Stuff
Damage & Death Effect v1.3.3... YKH =] Fun Stuff
(SniperBeamer) Admin Illama 1.4 ... [nFb]GraveKeeper Admin Commands
Ultimate Warcraft3 (UWC3) Mugwump Fun Stuff
Force CAL Open Settings [fcos] -... SubStream Server Management
HitGroup Damage Manipulator v1.1 ot_207 Gameplay
Show Team-Attacks capndurk Server Management
Private Connect Messages pRED* Admin Commands
Unlimited Clip Ammo -Acid- Fun Stuff
Heart Shot v1.0 ot_207 Gameplay
Spam Kick v1.4 g_often Gameplay
AFK Manager by Leon McVeran Leon M. Server Management
Red Bull GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Buyzone Range [Everywhere/Nowher... VEN Gameplay
Sentry Gun Edit - With Cvars ! U... sreddoMlabolG Fun Stuff
Death And Damage 1.1 - 13/03/10 Asd' Fun Stuff
Counter-Strike 1.3 aportner Gameplay
Super Shield joaquimandrade Fun Stuff
Kill Money ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Eye of the storm tolsty Fun Stuff
NewRound Buy Fix MPNumB Technical/Development
Idiot 1.0 (IJs) [UPDATED] DoubleTap Fun Stuff
HE Grenade Conc Jumping ThantiK General Purpose
ESP Mod v0.1 v3x Fun Stuff
RainySnowy (Enables CS weather) ... OneEyed Fun Stuff
CrazyBouncingNades v1.0 - Bounci... regalis Fun Stuff
Colored Smokenades xPaw Fun Stuff
Anti Fast Pistol Shots MPNumB Technical/Development
Vehicle Kills DS Fun Stuff
Jetpack v1.0 FINAL (KleeneX) v3x Fun Stuff
Phantom mod 1.2 SlimDog Fun Stuff
Advanced Weapon Tracers 1.3.0 (2... ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
Back Weapons v1.87 Cheap_Suit General Purpose
Bet vilaemail Fun Stuff
Random Weapons, UPDATE 31-07-2006 Deviance Gameplay
CS Assault Vent Fix (aka, stop s... XxAvalanchexX Gameplay
Friendly Fire On Before map end YamiKaitou Fun Stuff
Chameleon dark_style Fun Stuff
Ludwigs EJL Roll The Dice DoubleTap Fun Stuff
GHW Basic Commands GHW_Chronic Admin Commands
Fun Predictions 1.2 SlimDog Fun Stuff
Anti He Bug MPNumB Technical/Development
TFC Grenade Jumping knekter Fun Stuff
Everyone Is Medic Sylwester Gameplay
Mission Scenario MPNumB Event Related
C4 Drop Fix MPNumB Technical/Development
Shoot Grenades joaquimandrade Gameplay
GLOCK/FAMAS : Anti 4 bullets ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Power Up Mod 2.0 GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Team Flash Snitch Tender General Purpose
Real armor MPNumB Technical/Development
Anti FastSilencer Bug MPNumB Technical/Development
[Dyn Native] ColorChat v0.3.2 (0... ConnorMcLeod Technical/Development
Simple Knife Warmup Sn!ff3r Gameplay
Bomb Status [ V 1.7 ] HamletEagle Gameplay
Drop Weapons on TK v0.3 [+buy/co... VEN Fun Stuff
Surf Speed Runs hlstriker Statistical
Real Weapon Drop MPNumB Gameplay
PunkServer Easy Mix - REWRITEN OffspringBR Server Management
Revive a teammate 2.0.1 BeasT Fun Stuff
End Round Sounds PaintLancer Event Related
Exploding Scout Bullets nightscreem Fun Stuff
CS Surf Boards hlstriker Fun Stuff
Weapon Jam - *New - Rewritten!* Styles Gameplay
Buy Zoom v1.2.4 fezh Fun Stuff
Ghost vl 1.4 vato loco [GE-S] Fun Stuff
Random C4 Timer SweatyBanana Event Related
FunMod v4.0 Rolnaaba Gameplay
[YAP] - Yet Another PUG Twilight Suzuka Gameplay
Team Grenade Trail MPNumB Event Related
Armour Absence Fix v1.0.1 Simon Logic General Purpose
Menu Close Fix MPNumB Technical/Development
Aura Damage 1.1 - 13/03/10 Asd' Fun Stuff
RedRover XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff
Fake Team Bot (Blocks Round Ending) OneEyed General Purpose
[ZP] Addon: Display the Current ... meTaLiCroSS Fun Stuff
[ZP] Extra Item: Chainsaw v0.9 meTaLiCroSS Fun Stuff
HitZones Manager v0.0.4 ( 09/06/... Blizzard_87 Fun Stuff
Leader glow GDX^ Fun Stuff
Diablo II : LOD (Custom) 2.3 xbatista Gameplay
BombSite Lock Bugsy Gameplay
Sentry guns Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Amx_Strip *Update v1.13 (2/18/06)* Jordan Admin Commands
X-Kills Mini_Midget Gameplay
Bubble Trails ConnorMcLeod Event Related
Admin Forcefire AssKicR Admin Commands
Climbtimer Top15 Isobold General Purpose
TOUR Maps 0.5 commonbullet Gameplay
RPGx - RPG Mod for Counter-Strike roflmao456 Fun Stuff
Auto Loot the dead atambo Fun Stuff
Vote Mod (Version 4.6) Soloist Fun Stuff
No Shield ConnorMcLeod Server Management
NVG Mode 0.4 AssKicR Fun Stuff
Mid-air kills Johnny got his gun Event Related
HTTP Downloader Bentski General Purpose
[ZP] Extra Item : Immunity Javivi Fun Stuff
Grenade Decal/Scorch Remover (HE... meTaLiCroSS Event Related
Invisible Spectator ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Pistol Rounds thatguyzp Gameplay
Admin Flash AssKicR Admin Commands
No Weapon Drop [+defuser support... VEN Gameplay
New round super powers v1.6 FakeNick Fun Stuff
sqlstats ripcurl2 Statistical
Buy a Helmet v0.2 VEN Gameplay
American Football Mod V.7.0 travo Gameplay
Ski 2 Shop v1.7.1 Seta00 Gameplay
Weapon-Specific Spawn Protection nikhilgupta345 Gameplay
Admin Ammo AssKicR Admin Commands
Grenades Are Heavy AssKicR Fun Stuff
Boss Event bes island Fun Stuff
Colour Chat Menu (v1.50) Fun Stuff
Sunglasses v1.0 (Anti-Flashbang ... AssKicR Fun Stuff
Pump Knockback (v3x & Chronic) v3x Gameplay
Fake C4 AssKicR Fun Stuff
Triggered "Brush Edit"... commonbullet Admin Commands
C4 Timer Cheap_Suit Event Related
Speedometer AcidoX Statistical
[CS1.6|CZ] CSS Flashlight v2.0 [... schmurgel1983 Gameplay
Buyknife V 1.0 AssKicR Fun Stuff
Admin Teach EKS Gameplay
Catch the Nade VEN Fun Stuff
CSDM Normalizer v2.1i.5 Simon Logic Gameplay
Objectives Changer fxfighter Gameplay
Multimod Plugin joropito General Purpose
Weapons MaxSpeed ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Admin NoBuy AssKicR General Purpose
AWP Glow v3x Fun Stuff
Camera View Menu [Updated 22.06.05] XunTric Fun Stuff
Automatic Map Generator/Remover ... Xanimos Server Management
Bomb Lights anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
Lucia Hallucination (Anti-Wallha... joaquimandrade Server Management
Killer Zoom z1mgeto Admin Commands
Admin Poison AssKicR Admin Commands
Admin Weapon II (mattcook) v3x General Purpose
CS:S Zoom v0.2 ( [email protected] ) v3x Event Related
Eye Lids VEN Fun Stuff
Team No Buy v0.2 (former "N... VEN Gameplay
Admin Free Look jim_yang General Purpose
Force C4 explode v0.2 regalis Fun Stuff
Call of Duty 4: Last Stand soccdoodcss Gameplay
Bomb Defuse Predictions v1.2 Starsailor Gameplay
Just Another Cd Meditator AssKicR General Purpose
[AIOS] All.In.One.Slap/Slay Nick Admin Commands
Allow Round Finish EKS Gameplay
Ptahhotep's Team Balancer 1.8b3 ... lantz69 Server Management
SuperNade Rolnaaba Fun Stuff
Reloaded weapons on new round 2.... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
DeathRun Lock Buttons ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Stealth Shoes V2.0 AssKicR Fun Stuff
Grenade Realism P34nut Fun Stuff
Push The Button rufee Gameplay
Snake Game borjomi Fun Stuff
Terrorists Only v1.1.0 Simon Logic General Purpose
Who is driving? tuty Fun Stuff
Migraine ConnorMcLeod Admin Commands
Voice Radius nikhilgupta345 Server Management
KZ Multiplugin AssKicR Server Management
Amx_Money onfirenburnin420 Fun Stuff
Dead Name Change VEN General Purpose
Weapon Spawner(2012 jan 20) fxfighter Gameplay
Starting weapons Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Kill Distance nightscreem Event Related
Wrath of God v. 1.02 jsauce Admin Commands
Extra hostage rescue Sn!ff3r Gameplay
Players Models 1.3.1 ( 13 nov 20... ConnorMcLeod General Purpose
Bugblatter Monster (SniperBeamer) DoubleTap Fun Stuff
Headshot DeluXe DanRaZor Event Related
CSX TK Manager SidLuke Server Management
Weapons Glow (v3x)***Updated V1.... Extremeone General Purpose
Pick Ammo (ported KRoTaL) nightscreem Fun Stuff
Advanced Weapon Restriction Vers... [PUPPETS] Gonzo Gameplay
TeamSelect Absence Fix v1.0.2 Simon Logic General Purpose
Zombie Plague - Give Full Ammo P... joropito Admin Commands
Surf_AG-Final Manager atomen Gameplay
Defuse Bar Fix S34Qu4K3 Server Management
Hostage Protection[ V 1.8 ] HamletEagle Gameplay
Command Targeting Plus OciXCrom Admin Commands
New Round Gift VEN Fun Stuff
Instant AutoTeamBalance ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Extendable superhero mod ({Hoj}B... AssKicR Fun Stuff
Bounty Hunter slurpycof Fun Stuff
Enemy Requisitions DarkRaven Fun Stuff
Door-Sniffer - Rev.1.0 - 2006-08-10 SkP Gameplay
Block Reconnect Respawn Sylwester General Purpose
PODbot mm bots quota on the server KWo Server Management
Damage mode Texnux Gameplay
Replace Disconnected T Sylwester Server Management
Disable vote command when Admin ... kramesa Admin Commands
Mp5+M203 Replacement PaintLancer Fun Stuff
Feign (fake) Death & Lag (KR... v3x Fun Stuff
Star Wars Mod II GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
very simple precache mod hjvl Server Management
Reconnect Features 0.2. (08/08/1... ConnorMcLeod Server Management
[Zombie Plague] Leap iNspiratioN Fun Stuff
SuperScouts 4.0 - 24/10/09 Asd' Fun Stuff
Bomb Explosion Features VEN Event Related
Rescue Distance Cheap_Suit Gameplay
Custom Maps v0.1.1 fezh Gameplay
Kill Bots - kills bots when all ... MistaGee Server Management
Credits Mod (Updated 12-18-05) mikes3ds Gameplay
Anti Gang Bang pRED* General Purpose
even the odds addon timian Admin Commands
Unlimited Ammo ( the better way ... v3x Admin Commands
ClanWar XT (Forward Based) n0pe Gameplay
Weapon Immunity XxAvalanchexX Gameplay
No Knife Showoff MPNumB Technical/Development
Silent Bomb v1.0 fezh Gameplay
Admin Check OneEyed Statistical
Custom Flashlight v0.5.4 (10/20/09) ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
amx_payforit onfirenburnin420 Fun Stuff
Ultimate Deathrun Maps Fixer v1.7 xPaw Event Related
Sniper control v1.2 willyumyum General Purpose
[AMM] - AMX Mod X Messenger NEW*... tm Fun Stuff
Loading Music + Also In Spectato... kurian Fun Stuff
DeathrunManager by TeddyDesTodes TeddyDesTodes Fun Stuff
[ZP] Zombie Rage Speed! Gameplay
Grenade Control ( by me and Ryan ) willyumyum General Purpose
Faulty Grenades Texnux Fun Stuff
Hide N Seek Training zacky Gameplay
Fix broken steam messages v1.2 willyumyum Event Related
AMXX Spawnangle Bug Fixer (jghg) Little Chang Server Management
Capture the Awp genesis Fun Stuff
CS Holodude (holoduke emulator) Vet Fun Stuff
Spawn Health Bug Fix v2.0 claudiuhks Technical/Development
FreemanMod 0.1 Pro Patria Finland Fun Stuff
Blinded (by flashbangs) - Update... Texnux Fun Stuff
Advanced Roll The Dice (v2.5 RC4) Striker Fun Stuff
Solar Flash anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
Knife Models [XP System & Sk... OciXCrom General Purpose
Change Hostage HP AssKicR Gameplay
Restrict Commands [rc] - v2.1 - ... SubStream Server Management
'Teamplay Helper' mptijsma Gameplay
Infinite Round (v2.1.2) Arkshine Gameplay
AssKicR Gameplay
No Cross Mid GHW_Chronic General Purpose
No Vote _KaszpiR_ Server Management
Damage Glow v1.4 Starsailor Fun Stuff
Real Weapon Speed MPNumB Technical/Development
Matrix jump v1.5 ot_207 Fun Stuff
Spectator Hud Information ConnorMcLeod Statistical
Restart Game 3 times and Go v0.5... DoubleTap Admin Commands
[ZP] Addon: Counter-Strike like ... SonicSonedit Gameplay
Bomb/Death/CSS Radar MPNumB Gameplay
Screenshake 1.0 (ThantiK) DoubleTap Fun Stuff
Concept: mp_maxrounds instead of... Johnny got his gun Server Management
Fun Radio VEN Fun Stuff
Zombie Plague Mod 5.0 MeRcyLeZZ Gameplay
Vote Ban Alka General Purpose
Bomb Scenario xPaw Statistical
Ludwigs EJL Jedi Theme Punishmen... DoubleTap Fun Stuff
DualMP5 Mod KaOs Fun Stuff
Super Defusion! v1.0.0 ( Johnny ... EKS Fun Stuff
Real Radio VEN Gameplay
Hide N Seek Extras minimiller Gameplay
Target glow TheRadiance Gameplay
Anti Silent-Run MPNumB Technical/Development
Team Objectives - Slay Losers (OLO) DoubleTap Gameplay
Zombie ME 3.1 (Being updated) purple nurple Fun Stuff
Mortal Kombat Miscstats [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 Statistical
New-Era's Unlimited Ammo v1.0.1 ... New-Era Admin Commands
[KZ] Jump-Bug Trainer MPNumB Statistical
DeFRAG [1.0 OUT] // News to come... khios Gameplay
Pain Shock Free Simon Logic Gameplay
Forbidden weapons [ Updated : 08... Arkshine Gameplay
JumpStats v1.7.3 (unfinished!) Exolent[jNr] Statistical
Individual Weapon Models joaquimandrade Fun Stuff
HE Arena X Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Fall Scream v0.2 [regular and ve... VEN Fun Stuff
H.E.V. Charger Gives Helmet v1.1.0 Simon Logic Gameplay
Radio Voice Pitch Changer 1.1 <VeCo> General Purpose
Knife: Banhammer v1.2 Backstabnoob Admin Commands
Start Weapon Sanji Fun Stuff
Vehicle Object Respawn Fix xPaw Technical/Development
Fire Mode Information Hunter-Digital Event Related
WeaponBox Life 11922911 Gameplay
Auto Map Change On Not Empty/Emp... raffe2 Server Management
Force reconnect according to K/D... v3x Statistical
Quake Sounds hleV Fun Stuff
New Rank Style Mifuntm Statistical
C4 Drop Menu tuty General Purpose
Remember the Score Nextra Statistical
[ZP] Extra Item: Antidote Laser ... ILUSION Fun Stuff
Plugin: Bullettime(Scarzzurs) KeV Fun Stuff
Ultimate Awp Map Handler GHW_Chronic Server Management
C4 Management ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
CS Vehicle License Management johnjg75 Admin Commands
round_startmoney mlb Event Related
Janzert's Economic Team Balancer... Janzert General Purpose
Meow Meow / Advanced Spectate Emp` Server Management
Smoke Grenade Features (anti 16bit) MPNumB Technical/Development
Realistic FlashBang gladius Gameplay
[MOD] CS Halloween Mod (v6.4.1) Hedgehog95 Gameplay
Spectator Fun Votorx Fun Stuff
Free For All ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Bullseye Freecode Fun Stuff
Nade Giver Dizzy Fun Stuff
VIP Alternative VEN Gameplay
Frag Limit shine771 Gameplay
Real Weapon Weight 0.7 shine771 General Purpose
Crossbow v2.1 NiHiLaNTh Fun Stuff
BOMB Ghosting Fix MPNumB Technical/Development
Grenade/C4 Fixes & Hud Enhan... MPNumB Technical/Development
Damage Money GHW_Chronic General Purpose
surf_icebob2 FIX GHW_Chronic Server Management
Hide N Seek Powerups 1.1d FLR Fun Stuff
Jump Sound Blocker hornet General Purpose
Weapon Broker Backstabnoob Gameplay
miscstats_fancy_bt GIR Event Related
Weapon Menu (Mattcook & xero... Bend3R Admin Commands
HP & AP Regeneration Kensai Fun Stuff
Russian Roulette wrecked_ Fun Stuff
Quake Style Switch MPNumB Event Related
Map Spawns Editor v1.0 update [2... jopmako Server Management
Fast Sniper Switch (Awp Fast Swi... MPNumB Gameplay
Jumpoff Trainer borjomi Statistical
Shoot At Nades( [email protected])[UPDATE 1.6] k007 Fun Stuff
HitPlace Details Alka Statistical
Winter Environment Alka Fun Stuff
Recoil Control v1.5 ot_207 Fun Stuff
uq_cjangle borjomi Statistical
The One v1.2 w/vampire addon kaddar Gameplay
Grenade Trail jim_yang Fun Stuff
No Headshot With Helmet v1.1.0 Simon Logic Gameplay
[ZP] Extra item: Radar Scanner SonicSonedit Gameplay
Use Button Once Scherzo Gameplay
uq_armorspeed borjomi Statistical
Steer your nade. 1.4 Ramono Fun Stuff
Nintendo Mod v3.1 Soloist Fun Stuff
Custom Radio Commands kaloszyfer Fun Stuff
Drop Nightvision Goggles tuty Fun Stuff
DBMotd (Date Based Motd) micke1101 General Purpose
CS1.5 Silencer (Reload While Sil... MPNumB Gameplay
Knife: Home Run Bat Mario AR. Gameplay
Repair Damage v3x General Purpose
Extra Damage Mod (Gives weapons ... v3x Gameplay
Simple AWP,G3SG1 & SG550 drop RCC|Dynamite Admin Commands
The Arena [Advanced knife arena] MrDev Fun Stuff
Instagib 1.5 hleV Gameplay
Buttons Delay Editor [28/08/2009] xPaw Technical/Development
Buy a Frag v0.2.1 *UPDATED* v3x Fun Stuff
AMX Monster ([email protected]'s monster sp... Bend3R Admin Commands
Base Builder Zombie Mod v6.5 [01... Tirant Gameplay
Ban retry user in some minutes [email protected] Server Management
CS Variable-Zoom Scopes Vet Gameplay
Money All-in-One (update 3.3) [email protected] Fun Stuff
Auto Restart Round vato loco [GE-S] Gameplay
Adminbot-MXX (Clan War Plugin) -... rompom7 Admin Commands
JailBreak Glow Menu izzle Gameplay
Goomba Stomp OciXCrom Fun Stuff
One hit knife kills Rabid Baboon Fun Stuff
[TKOTH] Team King of the Hill johnjg75 Gameplay
Bomb Timer Line 1.1 [UPDATED] shine771 General Purpose
Advanced Bullet Damage Sn!ff3r Fun Stuff
Drop weapons by choice Brreaker Admin Commands
Missiles Launcher v3.8.4 ( Ludwi... jtp10181 Fun Stuff
Hide N Seek v4.6 BETA by Jon Jon Gameplay
surf_icebob2 plugin Firippu Server Management
Suicide*Bomber liOVERLOADil Fun Stuff
Advanced Bullet Time 2.0 rkapl Fun Stuff
Survivor Mod Streamy Gameplay
AIO: Winter Plugin tuty Fun Stuff
Admin Mark (marks admins with be... kaloszyfer General Purpose
TeamAttack Notifier ConnorMcLeod Server Management
SewerMonster! [v1.3] Rolnaaba Gameplay
Sniper Spark / Laser Dot MPNumB Event Related
Bloody Knife v0.2.1 (6/28/2006) Dontask-jello Fun Stuff
Halo Gameplay Mod v3.0 flyeni6 Gameplay
Sniper Charge XxAvalanchexX Gameplay
Bomb Blast K.K.Lv General Purpose
Hit and reward in the vital part... life_rest Statistical
Got Skill? Good KDR = Pistol Onl... soccdoodcss Fun Stuff
Call Medic for CS (v0.7 | 07/14/08) Grinf4ce Fun Stuff
Real Snipers Crosshairs ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
LongJump Enabler ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Advanced Team Transfer genesis Server Management
Sticky Nades VEN Fun Stuff
Climb ian.cammarata Admin Commands
Deagle Nail Launcher [UPDATED] tuty Fun Stuff
Timeleft as Roundtime (AcidoX) joaquimandrade Event Related
I'll plant the bomb on... 2.3.0 ... -Kid- Gameplay
Grenade Spam Punish DaSoul Event Related
Peeping Tom 2 - Pseudo-Wallhack ... joaquimandrade Server Management
Vexd's Tripmine Plugin slmclarengt Fun Stuff
Play or Be Kicked 1.5.243 Brad Server Management
CS Hide & Seek (Not Final, v... AlMod Fun Stuff
Bunny Hop Enabler (remove the sl... CheesyPeteza Fun Stuff
Weapon Chance by Exolent Exolent[jNr] Fun Stuff
Std Admin Color Chat vandercal Admin Commands
Capsule 2.9 - 09/01/10 Asd' Fun Stuff
Nades Api ConnorMcLeod Technical/Development
Skunkage KiN | SuicideDog Server Management
Unlimited Nades (Freecode) Sp4rt4n Fun Stuff
Team Switching Fixed Sean D Gameplay
SyN Surf Jetpack Cheap_Suit Fun Stuff
Gladiator Knife Mod v 1.1b soccdoodcss Fun Stuff
VIP Announcer anakin_cstrike Event Related
And the winner with most headsho... lucas_7_94 Fun Stuff
Force Round End Alka Gameplay
Stackable Armor v1.0 v3x Gameplay
BackPack Ammo Features v0.1.5 (0... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Unreal 1.2 hleV Fun Stuff
'The bomb has been defused' sound xPaw Fun Stuff
[Biohazard] Anticamp VaSaKed General Purpose
Weapon-dependant gravity Backstabnoob Gameplay
AMX Bank 1.7 twistedeuphoria Fun Stuff
SlapMod MercenaryDan Fun Stuff
Day/Night Effect V1.3 Destro- Fun Stuff
AMX Team Switcher KaOs Gameplay
Tasks Scherzo Fun Stuff
Clan_Tag_Protection Gunny Server Management
Adds a Bazooka to CS More Fun Stuff
Colored Flashbangs v3x Fun Stuff
HideNSeek by Exolent Exolent[jNr] Gameplay
Deagle Sniper v0.1.3 fezh Fun Stuff
Anti-Silent Plant - v1.5 - 2006-... SubStream General Purpose
Healthkit on dead body tuty Fun Stuff
Knife Mod - Special Abilities (U... spunko Fun Stuff
[KZ] kz_longjumps2 Teleports Blo... AntiBots Gameplay
CS Items 2.0/1.3 - 02/13/2010 JoshGomez Fun Stuff
Light Maker v1.7 lazarev Fun Stuff
GHW Objective Messages GHW_Chronic Event Related
Bleach XP Mod 1.5 - 31/05/08 JoshGomez Fun Stuff
CS Armor Drop (on death) OneEyed General Purpose
Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generat... DA Gameplay
Admin Slaughter Reward BOYSplayCS Fun Stuff
Fail Spawn Protector + Team Limiter zmd94 General Purpose
Restart Round (f117bomb) FlyingMongoose Admin Commands
Repay (SentryIII) kingpin Fun Stuff
Hostage Down! ( Radio ) v3x Event Related
Predator Mod sgtbane Gameplay
Funny HL Sounds tuty Fun Stuff
Team Ratio v0.0.6 Exolent[jNr] General Purpose
Crazy Crosshair v3x Fun Stuff
HEs destroy grenades 1.1.1 BeasT General Purpose
sniper/Camper Disarmament(Mike C... kingpin Server Management
Nade Messages v3x Fun Stuff
PokeMod v1.2.3 RC for Public (Ju... Emp` Gameplay
Prometheus (Enhanced Hostages) XxAvalanchexX Gameplay
Ultimate Grenade Control (Nomexous) Nomexous Gameplay
Kill Message w/ VOX v2.7 dorin2oo7 Gameplay
No Reset Score gladius Gameplay
Glow Menu TheDemonIII Fun Stuff
Deagle Power anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
Round Message w/ VOX v1.3 dorin2oo7 Gameplay
Real Nade Drops v0.4 VEN General Purpose
Round Restart v2.2 dorin2oo7 Server Management
Blinding Flashlight v0.2.3SL Simon Logic Gameplay
Radio Replacement v0.5.0 (04-09-11) ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
FRC v12.0 [Team Flash, Detector,... ot_207 General Purpose
Fall duck SnoW Fun Stuff
Awp Health Punish [CCC]Taz-Devil Server Management
Pickup Multiple Weapons GHW_Chronic Gameplay
Grenade Enhancer anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
[ZP] Extra item: Movement detector larito Gameplay
Random Armoury Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
[ZP] Extra Item: Soldier UqZ v1.7 Kiske Fun Stuff
EJ's, Jack9 Server Chime v1.9 (T... DoubleTap Event Related
Gravity Fight 0.7.4 [GF] shine771 Gameplay
Throwable C4 [ V 0.6 ] HamletEagle Gameplay
CS Bank GHW_Chronic General Purpose
Realistic Weapon Pickup 0.9 shine771 General Purpose
ProKreedz Ultimativ v2.4 vato loco [GE-S] Gameplay
ScoutzKniveZ Manager v0.4 TitANious Gameplay
HEV Suit [Mark V] fR4gn0tiX! Gameplay
Pitch Black Mode xmdxtremekiller Fun Stuff
Warcraft3 XP Version 2.6.3 ferret Fun Stuff
Shot Administration (Nomexous) Nomexous Gameplay
Zombie Antidote v1.5 [+Antidote ... ds811888 Fun Stuff
Buy$Message liOVERLOADil Fun Stuff
Flashbug fix DarkSnow Server Management
Superweapon - M4withM203 Edition... Ryu2877 Fun Stuff
[PPB] Pharse's Player Balancer pharse Server Management
Reconnect Data Saver MPNumB Event Related
Auto Join on Connect VEN Server Management
Alternative End Round Sounds v2.... Arkshine Event Related
Free Look Crosshair Fix MPNumB Technical/Development
Damage by the amount of money 1.5 alan_el_more Gameplay
Silent Hill Mod v1.1 DA Gameplay
[27/06/10] Block Slash grimvh2 Admin Commands
Ingame Model Viewer 1.2b Destro- Technical/Development
Kz-Arg Mod 1.7 AntiBots Gameplay
[KZ/HNS] EdgeBug Stats xPaw Statistical
Killer's View ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
Armoury Editor Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Autoheal on damage AcidoX Fun Stuff
Weapon Cloak (mmx) johnjg75 Fun Stuff
No Weapon Drop on Death v0.2 VEN Gameplay
He Damage Multiplier nightscreem Fun Stuff
PS Rank PsychoStats v3.x (In-Gam... Kill4Free Server Management
Gun Xp Mod (Last Updated : 10-02... xbatista Gameplay
Burst/Silencer Blocker Alucard^ Server Management
EasyInfo DahVid Statistical
HideNSeek XP Mod v0.0.1 (v0.0.3 ... Exolent[jNr] Gameplay
FlashnKnivez(Zaltoa) BillyTheKid Fun Stuff
Weapons MaxClip 0.3.0 (22 mar 2010) ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Server Cvars Unlocker Arkshine Server Management
surf_ski-1337 plugin Firippu Server Management
C4 Sprite Timer ConnorMcLeod Event Related
Weapon Throwing shine771 General Purpose
Admin Spectator ESP v1.3 (05/06/... KoST Admin Commands
DeathMsg Fix v1.0.3 Simon Logic Event Related
Own Score Rules (OLO) Dark JP2 Statistical
No Kill Jacking genesis Statistical
Enemy Down! ( Radio ) v3x Event Related
End Round Alternatives VEN Gameplay
Extra Money Defuser v0.3 JoKeR LauGh Fun Stuff
JailBreak ( SpaceDude ) kingpin Fun Stuff
CD Punisher heathen Server Management
Damage Multiplier (WC3) BlueRaja Fun Stuff
AWP Kick [Coder]Someone Event Related
Ghosts Spike7d8 Gameplay
JailBreak Extreme v1.9 - UPDATED... joropito Gameplay
Knife Healing by Ven spunko Fun Stuff
Glow And Colors (Remake) v1.2 Starsailor Fun Stuff
See Enemies on the Radar BlueRaja General Purpose
Health handicap for uber players. DahVid General Purpose
Admins VS All v1.4 Starsailor Gameplay
BombSite Creator Scherzo Server Management
Fraggl guro Statistical
showndead_bug_fix{EJ} ali_zkz General Purpose
Crossfire Siren Fix Simon Logic Event Related
GHW Aim Targets GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Anti Fast Silence ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Knife Fight 1.5 (09/10/09 Last U... alan_el_more Gameplay
ModelMoshMod v0.4b -- Updated fo... Ronkkrop Fun Stuff
Messer-Jocke > Funny stats 4 ... Leichenklaus Statistical
Grenade Jump (fun modification f... VEN Fun Stuff
Map Weapons Manager danielkza General Purpose
Weapon Balance Mod MPNumB Gameplay
Advanced Slow Motion By [email protected] :: Arucard Gameplay
Swap team spawns Hunter-Digital Gameplay
Round End Blast !!! Updated to 2.0 Anggara_nothing Fun Stuff
COD: HitMarkers v1.7 [Updated Ap... Napoleon_be Fun Stuff
Team Money Cheap_Suit Gameplay
Player Spawn Utility hlstriker Server Management
[ZP] Zombie Class : Invisible Cat Anggara_nothing Gameplay
Silly C4 Cheap_Suit Fun Stuff
[LJR] Long Jump Records minimiller Statistical
Zoomed Models Fix v0.1.1 fezh Technical/Development
PLAY THE PIANO ( Luwig Van ) kingpin Fun Stuff
Kick the nades Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
RandomPlayerModels on new round Ywa*NL Fun Stuff
About me xer' Statistical
Teamplay Helper v1.2 Starsailor Gameplay
turtle_shield ( SuicideDog ) kingpin Gameplay
GabenMod v1.3 Basic-Master Gameplay
Map Size Picker KobraPL Gameplay
[KreedZ] MultiPlayer Bhop 1.1.2 ... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
in Game Easy Anti Cheat Screen Shot ^SmileY Server Management
Reload Animation Fix MPNumB Technical/Development
CS User Model Menuz XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff
Satchel Charges ( from Half-Life... v3x Fun Stuff
Mute Voting 1.4 Jon Server Management
Spawn with Armor xPaw Gameplay
Battle Mages Version 1.0.1 vandercal Fun Stuff
Kill Announce Schorsch der alte Krieger Event Related
Negative Flash Grenades v0.2 KoST Fun Stuff
Napalm Nades 1.3 MeRcyLeZZ Fun Stuff
Knife Management v3.3 by Jon Jon Gameplay
Weapons Drop Ability ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
The Flop 10 v2.1 (code change by... Fanatiker Statistical
amx_bp_vest onfirenburnin420 General Purpose
Brass Knuckles (Cheap_Suit) eFrigid Fun Stuff
KD Money - *UPDATE* v 0.5 Deviance Gameplay
BF2 Rank Mod 1.5.5 [4/21/11] (pR... vittu Fun Stuff
blockmaker_v4.01 [BM] Necro Fun Stuff
Knife Blink pharse Fun Stuff
C4 Kills Count for Planter (Port... Sp4rt4n Fun Stuff
X-War 1.5 (ClanWar system) Niro Gameplay
Building Blocks (Updated 11-24-07) Emp` Fun Stuff
I know Kung Fu. v1.2 Hawk552 Fun Stuff
[BC] Block Commands Drogocop General Purpose
Ultimate_sounds and Cuss_filter Jeremy|GH| Fun Stuff
Cluster Grenades doomy Fun Stuff
[WS] Weapon Storage Crates 1.0b oRNY Fun Stuff
Spymenu (v1.5.8b) karlos Fun Stuff
WeaponMod Lite 1.0 ( T(+)rget ) v3x General Purpose
HitBox Manipulation(Headshot Onl... FreshlyPikd Gameplay
Weapon Return nikhilgupta345 Gameplay
War Weapon Tracers Noizza Fun Stuff
More money than 16000 2.0 (2/1/08) Ramono Gameplay
Terms & Agreement (With Clie... sHum Server Management
Round Terminator Arkshine Event Related
Traps! xx_sirhc_xx Fun Stuff
show_money v1.0 Weejee Statistical
GHW Invisible Shootable C4 GHW_Chronic Gameplay
AMXX podbotmenu KWo Server Management
Snowball War v3.05 FakeNick Fun Stuff
Death Note OciXCrom Fun Stuff
Castor Troy's Golden Colts genesis Fun Stuff
Silver Weapons Mod Rolnaaba Fun Stuff
Limit AWP/G3SG1/SG550 with Team ... KWo Server Management
Domination v1.0 ot_207 Gameplay
Ultimate Players/Frags/Death Exe... DA Server Management
Block Wallhack v8 [CS & CZ] ot_207 General Purpose
Grenade Drugs 1.1 Athix Gameplay
Bullets Go Through All Walls GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Mapchooser4 KWo Admin Commands
Deathtype Effects anakin_cstrike Fun Stuff
Just Capture the Flag (CTF) v1.3... Hunter-Digital Gameplay
Scrim Starter - New version on p... Guss79 Event Related
Police! Put your Hands Up! anssik Fun Stuff
Counter-Strike Duel Plugin mateo10 Fun Stuff
Gun Menu 1.61(2008 sep 6) fxfighter Gameplay
Free Equips (Version 1.1) wilson409 Fun Stuff
Laser Sight uTg | bigpapajiggs Fun Stuff
Late Spawn Manager ( 22/12/2013 ) Blizzard_87 Event Related
awp2scout 0.2 ([-3LH-]Geezus) jsterling General Purpose
twisted Death Match Version 2.4 twistedeuphoria Fun Stuff
Kevlar Pickup Fix xPaw General Purpose
JailBreak Reasons [JailBreak Rea... OciXCrom Gameplay
no_reconnect (syzo) kingpin Server Management
AWP Shake v3x Fun Stuff
Client Checker (1.0.1) [Update 0... Crazed Server Management
Custom NVG Color SAMURAI16 Fun Stuff
Humans VS Monsters XP v4.2 Sam Tsuki Gameplay
DOD CharactersMod tuty Gameplay
Start Money Fix 1.4 hleV General Purpose
Chickenmod: Rebirth (by T(+)rget) syphilis Fun Stuff
Godly Powers Sp4rt4n Fun Stuff
Grenade Mod(CS/CZ) k007 Fun Stuff
WowMOD: World of Warcraft MOD fo... Mugwump Fun Stuff
Nade Modes (Nomexous) v11.2 ot_207 Fun Stuff
[MVP] MVP Of the Round + Custom ... Shadows Adi Gameplay
Objective Proximity Warning twistedeuphoria Gameplay
fake_player(another)_V0.8 intel... Enigmaya Fun Stuff
[ZP] Extra Force field. capostrike93 Fun Stuff
No More Reconnects .:{EK}:. SQUALL Server Management
loot_weapon_v0.5 Enigmaya Fun Stuff
Stats Set Frags/Deaths *Updated ... Jordan Statistical
Flashbang Dynamic Light XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff
Execution (Gears of War) 1.5 - 1... JoshGomez Gameplay
[ZP] Extra Item: Sweet Revenge (... capostrike93 Fun Stuff
Anti FastFire v1.2 DarkSnow Server Management
HE Damage Effect 0.2 v3x Gameplay
Police Officer [DeathTV] Sid 6.7 Fun Stuff
Realistic Defuse v1.4 Alucard^ Gameplay
CS Peeking v1.5 ot_207 Fun Stuff
Deadly Radio 0.1 (for cs_italy) v3x Fun Stuff
Hostage Voices v0.2 VEN General Purpose
Suicide faTal_eXtreMe Event Related
Grentrail AssKicR Fun Stuff
TheHidden Kaver Gameplay
mystatus 0.5 - by SDE from OCS Clan [PUPPETS] Gonzo Statistical
Super Destructive Grenades V2 hornet Gameplay
Last Man FroXeN Event Related
Deathmatch Stats EKS Statistical
Awp -> Lightning Gun GHW_Chronic Gameplay
C4man with fun v1.2 biscuit628 Fun Stuff
Chat Logger v2.1a jim_yang General Purpose
Sniper Skill Bonus v1.1 biscuit628 Fun Stuff
Admin Weapons II(SniperBeamer) B... Meatwad Fun Stuff
AMX Super 5.0.2 bmann_420 Admin Commands
Enhanced Frags Per Hour (FPH) (K... Sp4rt4n Statistical
Excessive Buy Punisher (formerly... pharse General Purpose
Ct banner v2.3 drekes Admin Commands
Build Teleport PomanoB Gameplay
TimerProjector (ST4life) FroXeN Server Management
Super HE Grenades 1.0.2 Dark Killer Fun Stuff
Counter-Strike Impulse 101 [Vers... ds811888 Fun Stuff
Ludwig van's Hurryup rex Event Related
Final Fantasy X mod by By Z4KN4... Timmi the savage Admin Commands
Handicap Mod Rolnaaba Fun Stuff
Traps! (version 2!) - updated! xx_sirhc_xx Fun Stuff
[ZP] Addon: Lottery v2.3 Kiske Fun Stuff
AMX Match Deluxe (Current Versio... Infra Gameplay
Meow Meow / Thermal Goggles Emp` Gameplay
ka_roadwars BuyTeleport tuty Fun Stuff
No Bomb Score MistaGee Server Management
Candle Bomb Enigmaya Fun Stuff
Crash Guard rain Server Management
Custom Start Weapons ( 24/02/2014 ) Blizzard_87 Event Related
C4 Taker hellmonja Gameplay
Typo corrector Johnny got his gun General Purpose
Sudden Death Mode [v. 1.2] Sp4rt4n Fun Stuff
amx_bankrupt Crusher918 Admin Commands
Buying Personal Gravity (Command... Jordan Gameplay
WarmUP Pro 5.6 Beta AntiBots Gameplay
CS/CZ Ricochet v2.01 ot_207 Fun Stuff
GHW - CTF (Capture The Flag) 3.0 GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Anti Infection Armor [BIOHAZARD] Emilioneri Gameplay
Free Defuser Kit tuty Fun Stuff
AdminListen 2.3x (Maxim) -}NK{[email protected] Server Management
[CS] Grenade Sack 0.4.1 (extra g... v3x Gameplay
CS Flags (dod like) - 1.194 [201... commonbullet Gameplay
AFK Bomb Transfer v0.4 VEN Gameplay
Instagib Mod 1.2 shino Gameplay
Grenade Enhancer Lite * Update v... HiSS General Purpose
Jailbreak Hats joaquimandrade Fun Stuff
Throwing Knives v1.0.2 ( -]ToC[-... jtp10181 Fun Stuff
Blackjack (Johnny) v1.02 Lord_Destros Fun Stuff
Nade Em' GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Only Admin Spectators GHW_Chronic Server Management
Spectator Camera Multiply Fun Stuff
cs_assault camera fix and breaka... hoboman Gameplay
Icons Color Changer v1.1 xPaw Event Related
bloodrage psYko.joe Gameplay
Long Rounds by dor123 Dores Gameplay
Realistic Landing v1.3 ot_207 Fun Stuff
Colored "say" and &quo... BlueRaja General Purpose
Hit Rewards MistaGee Statistical
Titanium Armor v1.1 Hawk552 Fun Stuff
Star Wars Beta - Gev GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Knives Only SilverTide Fun Stuff
Zombie Swarm 3.1 Mini_Midget Gameplay
Damage Control(2009 Mar 15) fxfighter Gameplay
Weapon Lights * Update 0.7.1 Bet... HiSS General Purpose
Bullet Pogo Bugsy Fun Stuff
realism (for CS) [FBX] Fun Stuff
Fire Rate Control fxfighter Gameplay
HNS Deathmatch 2.1 Jon Gameplay
Buy Packs joaquimandrade Gameplay
Kill assist (for CS) Hunter-Digital Gameplay
Instamoney (DarkShadowST) jtp10181 Fun Stuff
Stealth Assassin TaRgEt*TuRkEy Fun Stuff
New Smoke Sprites GHW_Chronic Fun Stuff
Award Grenades: Reloaded v1.5 Sam Tsuki Fun Stuff
[Soccerjam] Ball Jump Stats [1.0... shine771 General Purpose
KreedZ (KZ): Spawns Fix KliPPy General Purpose
Realmod regeneration!! (Gev) chRm Gameplay
Purchase Mod - v1.4.1 Dizzy Fun Stuff
Record Demo ClanMod style (V2.5) KWo Admin Commands
Bouncing bullets marcellus Fun Stuff
CSDM Random Spawn Creator GHW_Chronic Server Management
Half-Life Leap Fry! Fun Stuff
Head Hunter SmokeGrenade v1.5 ot_207 Fun Stuff
[CS1.6|CZ] Bullet Damage with Ra... schmurgel1983 Statistical
Vehicle Real Killer (11/08/2012) xPaw Fun Stuff
Advanced Individual Weapon Restr... Twilight Suzuka Admin Commands
Weapon Jams Ver 0.4 The Specialist Gameplay
Light SmokeGrenade tuty Fun Stuff
Drop all weapons when you die Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff
Potti - a controllable fakeplayer p3tsin Admin Commands
Team Flash Punish v1.1.1 ( 28jan... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
CAPS Punisher PyRo Server Management
DoD Holodude (holoduke emulator) Vet Fun Stuff
Easier to see adminchat plugin BMJ Admin Commands
mortar kill announce (SidLuke) heroshina Event Related
DoD Shell Shock v2.0 diamond-optic Gameplay
Dod Rocket Class (Better Seconda... Wilson [29th ID] Gameplay
DoDX TK Manager SidLuke Server Management
DoD Map Bonus SidLuke Event Related
DoD OneWeaponMod SidLuke Fun Stuff
[DoD] Bullet Damage with Ranking... schmurgel1983 Statistical
DoD Team Select Zor Admin Commands
DoD-Mapsmenu (Revised for descri... [415]StoNeD Server Management
DoD Connection raphxyz Fun Stuff
DoD Deathnades - Drop grenades o... Vet Gameplay
Dod Technician (Bazooka Plus Car... Wilson [29th ID] Gameplay
DoD Killing Spree (Bonus Round) Vet Gameplay
DoD Smokegrenades plugin Trp. Jed Fun Stuff
Dod Afk Kicker (Fractal) SidLuke Server Management
DOD Custom Random fysiks Fun Stuff
DoD Respawn Time Controller Vet Gameplay
DoD Match 1.2.0 Threarah Gameplay
DOD Warcraft 3 (Frozen Throne or... Geesu Fun Stuff
DoD NoNades - Disable grenades Vet Gameplay
Dod Paratrooper Wilson [29th ID] Fun Stuff
Infinite Grenades For DoD Rara Avis Fun Stuff
DoD Field Medic Vet Gameplay
Bladez Only by vote (BIGGZ) SidLuke Fun Stuff
DoD Variable-Zoom Scopes Vet Gameplay
Dod Mortar Class Wilson [29th ID] Gameplay
DoD Ninja Hell Phoenix Gameplay
dod_teams - by tla-nick (updated... pendragon Admin Commands
[DOD] dod_falaise crash fix Vet Server Management
DoD Class 5/13/07 v0.9d allenwr General Purpose
DoD !forgivetk - does NOT requir... WhoCares? Gameplay
DoD Kamikaze Dr.G Fun Stuff
DoD MyStatus Zor General Purpose
DoD ClanMatch ML raphxyz Server Management
DoD Pistol Ammo Clips Vet Gameplay
DoD "Missing Sounds" P... Trp. Jed Fun Stuff
Server Anit-Crash schreck Server Management
[DOD] dod_wolfie Fix fysiks Gameplay
Defense Chamber Heal Stacking sawce Gameplay
Admin Icons mahnsawce General Purpose
Upgrade status joojamoi General Purpose
Spectator Chat mahnsawce General Purpose
Bouncy Grenades lillbrorsan Fun Stuff
Status Report (v1.3.9b) karlos Gameplay
Unchained Chambers (-mE-) mahnsawce Fun Stuff
DC Nest Blocker mahnsawce General Purpose
Latejoin XP Giver mahnsawce General Purpose
Natural Selection Commands devicenull Admin Commands
Natural-Selection: Random join &... onosrider General Purpose
Natural Selection Nextmap Replac... devicenull Server Management
[plugin]NS Military Ranking haimmaik General Purpose
Lerk Powers [Updated 17.05.2005] XunTric Fun Stuff
Natural Selection Score Awards v2.0 Starsailor Fun Stuff
Team Resources Display CheesyPeteza Statistical
Hive/CC Health Constant Display CheesyPeteza Statistical
Kickball OneEyed Fun Stuff
Build buildings in CO! gunblade Fun Stuff
NS: GorgZilla OneEyed Fun Stuff
MvM_allinone (v2.1.5) karlos Gameplay
ChamberVote2 OneEyed General Purpose
Commchair Cloaker (v0.7) karlos Gameplay
Constant Catalyst for Combat Rabid Baboon Fun Stuff
NS All In One XunTric Admin Commands
NS: Gnome (v0.8.5) karlos Fun Stuff
Anti-bhop devicenull General Purpose
NS Weapon Switching for Combat Rabid Baboon Gameplay
Eject Commander AssKicR Admin Commands
NS More Mines and Nades for Combat Rabid Baboon Fun Stuff
Comm Ban (mahnsawce) AssKicR General Purpose
Armory Heal (mahnsawce) AssKicR General Purpose
Onos Blocker (mahnsawce) AssKicR General Purpose
Random Teams (mahnsawce) AssKicR General Purpose
Scripting Forwards sawce Event Related
Commander AI Seather Gameplay
Spawninvul (v1.2.5) (Cheesy Peteza) karlos Gameplay
NS TeamDevour smdobay Fun Stuff
ClassBlocker (1.3) CyberGuerrier General Purpose
Marine vs Marine & Alien vs ... devicenull Gameplay
CommRS devicenull General Purpose
NS: Roll the Dice (v0.9.0) karlos Fun Stuff
Announce Ejections devicenull General Purpose
SpecChat devicenull General Purpose
Superlift (v2.4) ( -mE- ) karlos Fun Stuff
Block welder on MvM maps devicenull Gameplay
NS Pro 1.3 Mevrael Gameplay
Waypoints Fix (Cheesy Peteza) karlos General Purpose
Donate Res (v1.3.4) karlos General Purpose
Blocker Newbster General Purpose
ExtraLevels 3 (v1.3.6d) + MM ver... karlos Fun Stuff
Combat_Extender Newbster General Purpose
Anti Readyroom Crash (1.2) karlos Server Management
ComAll ReK_ Event Related
CommAnnounce devicenull Gameplay
Invincible CC for Combat Rabid Baboon Fun Stuff
Hive Build limiter EKS Server Management
Votemap Delay neXXus` Server Management
Start mapvote after server crash manuel Server Management
AMX Self Weld KCE General Purpose
NS KillSite smdobay Gameplay
[NS] Anti-Lame CC DDR Khat Gameplay
FB-Mapchanger (force mapchange f... Unsichtbar Server Management
Alien Rebirth (NS:Classic - Dis... OneEyed Gameplay
Crab's Map Manager Head crab Server Management
Force overview/minimap download EKS Server Management
Readyroom Blocker Seraph Server Management
NS Team balance EKS Server Management
NS:Territory Plugin DarK_SouL Fun Stuff
ComBot WhichBot Controller nhdriver4 Admin Commands
Players take damage when touchin... devicenull General Purpose
Random Map for server startup NeoMatrix99 Server Management
TFC Sniper Glow GoGo_xD Gameplay
TFC skills rank with speed run t... Lt Llama Statistical
Team Glowing Sentry Guns Rapid1Fire General Purpose
Conc Blast Block hlstriker General Purpose
Railgun Blast hlstriker Fun Stuff
Medic Mod hlstriker Gameplay
Simple Team Balancer for TFC pizzahut General Purpose
Quick Det [TFC] pizzahut Fun Stuff
AltmodX hlstriker General Purpose
Spy Disguise Speed Adjustor M249-M4A1 Gameplay
[TFC] Weapon Giver Ramono Admin Commands
TFC No Nades pizzahut General Purpose
TFC Nades for Flag Capture White Bishop Gameplay
Announcing TKs of engineer's bui... pizzahut General Purpose
Team Kill protection for FF ON S... ancient1 Server Management
Put AFK into spectator mode/team... pizzahut Server Management
Concussion blocker EKS Fun Stuff
touchmgmenu for NeoTF jRaven Gameplay
Unlimited TFC Grenades -hi- Fun Stuff
Temporary noclip for TFC Lt Llama General Purpose
Allied spy notification Ramono Gameplay
TFC Team/Class Changer AssKicR Admin Commands
AR Remover Ramono Gameplay
Quad Concs -hi- Fun Stuff
Rock2 Suit Fix hlstriker General Purpose
Spy Crash + Quick Disguise Fix hlstriker General Purpose
Remove Engineer's Buildings Ramono Admin Commands
TFC Quad,Invul,Invis Powerups jRaven Fun Stuff
Flashlight for Escape maps pizzahut Fun Stuff
Airshot watch Fun Stuff
Custom Bags GHW_Chronic Server Management
Anti-Sniper pizzahut General Purpose
Crossfire Bug Fixer GordonFreeman (RU) Half-Life Technical/Development
[HL] RPG-7 KORD_12.7 Half-Life Admin Commands
LongJump Icon GordonFreeman (RU) Half-Life Event Related
[HL] Give Items and Weapons tuty Half-Life Admin Commands
[HL] Spore Launcher KORD_12.7 Half-Life Gameplay
BB Zombies Kill XxAvalanchexX Half-Life Fun Stuff
[HL] Barnacle Grapple KORD_12.7 Half-Life Gameplay
[HL] Ethereal from CSO KORD_12.7 Half-Life Gameplay
Longjump Player Model for HLDM KORD_12.7 Half-Life Gameplay
[HL] M249: Squad Automatic Weapon KORD_12.7 Half-Life Gameplay
[HL] M40A1: Sniper Rifle GordonFreeman (RU) Half-Life Gameplay
[HL] RG6 Buldog Grenade Launcher NiHiLaNTh Half-Life Fun Stuff
[HL] ShockRoach GordonFreeman (RU) Half-Life Gameplay
[HL] Combat Knife KORD_12.7 Half-Life Gameplay
[HL] Assault Cannon [MiniGun] GordonFreeman (RU) Half-Life Gameplay
Weaponbox Models for HLDM KORD_12.7 Half-Life Fun Stuff
[HL] Weapon Spawn Effects GordonFreeman (RU) Half-Life Fun Stuff
[HL] Anti Self-Gauss Flipper_SPb Half-Life Gameplay
[HL] TAR-21: Tavor Assault Rifle KORD_12.7 Half-Life Gameplay
No footstep sounds for zombies i... Rabid Baboon Half-Life Fun Stuff
Lambda Core: Half-Life ingame stats KORD_12.7 Half-Life Statistical
Zombie Panic Admin Rabid Baboon Half-Life Admin Commands
Destroyable Satchel Charge Anggara_nothing Half-Life Gameplay
ModelRestrict XxAvalanchexX Half-Life Server Management
Zombie Panic Admin Give Weapons Rabid Baboon Half-Life Admin Commands
LongJump Sound GordonFreeman (RU) Half-Life Technical/Development
Toggle Immunity (UPDATED: 07/1/06) slmclarengt Half-Life Server Management
AntiEGON Flasher Half-Life Gameplay
[HL] AK-47: Avtomat Kalashnikova KORD_12.7 Half-Life Admin Commands
Half-Life UT Style Weapons Floating tuty Half-Life Fun Stuff
Secondary FOV Drak Fun Stuff
SC STUFF PLUGIN Silencer123 Fun Stuff
All SvenCo-op weapon and item menu Goshik Fun Stuff
Snark Glitch Fix 1.15 CubicVirtuoso Server Management
Sven Cooperative Experience Mod ... Silencer123 Fun Stuff
Hide / Run & Seek JPiolho Fun Stuff
USE to pickup Minigun XxAvalanchexX Gameplay
SCXPM Exploit Restrictor ts2do Server Management
Ammo Conservation XxAvalanchexX Gameplay
Impulse 101 Blocker for SC 4.0b1 AdamR Gameplay
Ricochet Spectate GoD-Tony Ricochet General Purpose
Firearms replacement for adminvote anders_dog Firearms Admin Commands
[OP4] Monstername GordonFreeman (RU) Fun Stuff
Reset Control EKS Server Management
HLRally unstuck EKS Server Management
Custom Horns DanRaZor Fun Stuff
HLRally ingame Stats EKS Server Management
HLRally Bot control EKS Server Management
Trap Blocker PM General Purpose
Extended Keeper Manager PM Admin Commands
Admin Tutorial PM Admin Commands
Model Bug Blocker for IOS beta 3b PM Server Management
AFK Removal for IOS PM General Purpose
Superkeeper PM Fun Stuff
KeeperMngr PM General Purpose
De_Aztec_Cz thunder fix ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
CZ Bot control EKS Server Management
Follow The Bomb [Ver 1.1 ] The Specialist Fun Stuff
Two Man Showdown.... organizedKaoS Event Related
VR Mod Doc-Holiday Gameplay
Bones Doc-Holiday Gameplay
Sikkepitjes bot menu - simple CZ... sikkepitje General Purpose
Variable Friendly Fire Doc-Holiday Server Management
[Condition Zero] Career Tasks Fix LunaTheReborn Admin Commands
BoneCrusher Fun Stuff
Skillglow BoneCrusher Fun Stuff
Round-based CS BoneCrusher Fun Stuff
Vip Menu Doc-Holiday Fun Stuff
CZ Bot Menu 2.2 vato loco [GE-S] Server Management
Hambuger-Hill - Predator-Mod mogel Gameplay
Vampire slayer stats Beta EKS Statistical
VS_Afion Afion General Purpose
Show teammate name EKS Gameplay
Hostile Intent Ammo check EKS General Purpose
ESF Mr. Satan v1.3 tuty Fun Stuff
ESF Giji Plugin ShAyA Fun Stuff
Melee Only hleV Admin Commands
[ESF] Show Damage v1.1 alan_el_more Statistical
ESF Taunts tuty Fun Stuff
[ESF] Powerup FX v1.2 by alan_el... alan_el_more Fun Stuff
Custom Transformation Powerlevel... hleV Gameplay
ESF Glow By Weapon tuty Fun Stuff
Fixed admincmd Greenberet Admin Commands
Esf Fusion Dance LynX Fun Stuff
Earth's Special Forces Powerleve... LynX Admin Commands
Vegeta To BebiVegeta hip_hop_x Gameplay
ESF PACC tuty Fun Stuff
ESF Admin Giver tuty Admin Commands
Regeneration with Stamina Factor... fry Fun Stuff
Earth's Special Forces SSJ removal KilledWithStyle Fun Stuff
Super Stats and Rank ESF Plugin ShAyA Statistical
ESF Admin Unlimited KI tuty Statistical
Starting Powerlevel hleV Fun Stuff
ESF Attack Giver Mr. Satan Fun Stuff
Melee Settings 1.0 hleV Gameplay
TS RoF Mod XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff
TS vote blocker Maddo General Purpose
Apollo RP v1.1 Hawk552 General Purpose
The Specialist Tracers (Only wor... Sodium Event Related
Kung-Fu Punch & Kicking Models DiscoBBQ Gameplay
KillBOT TS Mod colby Gameplay
TS Random Weapons Maddo Any
Ultimate Jail Mod v1.1 Hawk552 Gameplay
TS Messages Plus(+)! Shurik3n Fun Stuff
Car-Mod stevenlafl Fun Stuff
Give Weapon - TS (UPDATED 04/09/06) mysticssjgoku4 Fun Stuff
Civilian NPCs (TSRP) p3tsin General Purpose
GunShop Creater Twilight Suzuka Fun Stuff
BotAdder DataMatrix Fun Stuff
TS Force teams EKS Admin Commands
TS Map Voting Fix Maddo General Purpose
TS Instagib (Updated 5/3/06) Maddo Gameplay
Drug Mod v1.1 Hawk552 Gameplay
Clan Management For TS Only Charming Any
Standard Weapon Restriction (TS ... burcyril10 Any
CarMod v2.01 Fred Dawes Fun Stuff
SlowMo on demand. DahVid Fun Stuff
TS Slow_Menu [MOJO]*BodyCount Fun Stuff
ZombieMod for The Specialists 3.... stupok Gameplay
Weapon Menu for The Specialists ... stupok Gameplay

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