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Plugin Name Author Mod Category
Surf Olympics v1.5.2a OneEyed Statistical
Wall Jump OneEyed ALL Any
Soccer Jam v2.07a OneEyed Gameplay
Kickball OneEyed Fun Stuff
Hide N Seek OneEyed Fun Stuff
NS: GorgZilla OneEyed Fun Stuff
RainySnowy (Enables CS weather) ... OneEyed Fun Stuff
ChamberVote2 OneEyed General Purpose
Fake Team Bot (Blocks Round Ending) OneEyed General Purpose
Admin Check OneEyed Statistical
Ultimate RSlot OneEyed ALL Any
CS Armor Drop (on death) OneEyed General Purpose
Alien Rebirth (NS:Classic - Dis... OneEyed Gameplay
PInfo (shows connections/rounds/... OneEyed ALL Statistical
Football Jam v1.2 OneEyed ALL Admin Commands

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