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Plugin Name Author Mod Category
Nades Api ConnorMcLeod Technical/Development
Killer's View ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
Spectator Hud Information ConnorMcLeod Statistical
Config Adder - 0.0.2 ConnorMcLeod ALL Server Management
Weapons MaxSpeed ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
No Shield ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Bubble Trails ConnorMcLeod Event Related
GLOCK/FAMAS : Anti 4 bullets ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Weapons Zoom ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Weapons Drop Ability ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
LongJump Enabler ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
TeamAttack Notifier ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Players Models 1.3.1 ( 13 nov 20... ConnorMcLeod General Purpose
Migraine ConnorMcLeod Admin Commands
Kill Money ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
[Dyn Native] ColorChat v0.3.2 (0... ConnorMcLeod Technical/Development
info_teleport_destination Angles... ConnorMcLeod ALL Gameplay
[KreedZ] MultiPlayer Bhop 1.1.2 ... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
C4 Sprite Timer ConnorMcLeod Event Related
Real Snipers Crosshairs ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Scrolling Text ConnorMcLeod ALL General Purpose
DeathRun Lock Buttons ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Drop All Weapons On Death (14 ju... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Anti Fast Silence ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Weapons MaxClip 0.3.0 (22 mar 2010) ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
BackPack Ammo Features v0.1.5 (0... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Player Models API ConnorMcLeod ALL Technical/Development
Free For All ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Instant AutoTeamBalance ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Auto Heal On Damage & Spawn ... ConnorMcLeod ALL Gameplay
[Kreedz] Kz Auto Add Spawns ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Custom Flashlight v0.5.4 (10/20/09) ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
Bunny Hop Abilities v0.5.2 ( dec... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Voices Management v1.0.2 (04/19/08) ConnorMcLeod Server Management
De_Aztec_Cz thunder fix ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Team Flash Punish v1.1.1 ( 28jan... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Files Check (amxx port of soundc... ConnorMcLeod ALL Server Management
Radio Replacement v0.5.0 (04-09-11) ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
C4 Management ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Reconnect Features 0.2. (08/08/1... ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Reloaded weapons on new round 2.... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Invisible Spectator ConnorMcLeod Server Management
Advanced Weapon Tracers 1.3.0 (2... ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
Weapons Crosshairs 0.2.2 ( 06-15... ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff
GasNades (aka smokegrenades make... ConnorMcLeod Gameplay
Info Rank 0.4.1 ConnorMcLeod Statistical

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