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Q: How often does it udpate?
A: Every six hours.

Q: Your numbers don't add up to GameMonitor/, why?
A:'s stats don't seem to match up to anything. The master consistently returns very different information, so we're not sure exactly what Valve is tracking. Querying is not an exact science, either; Game-Monitor might apply its own rules or filters, or simply catch its results at a time where numbers are significantly different.

Q: How do I get my mod tracked?
A: Mods are tracked automatically.

Q: How do I get my addon/plugin tracked?
A: E-mail [email protected] with the subject starting with 'STATS'. Your plugin must have a public cvar. For HL1, this means using the FCVAR_SERVER flag. For HL2, it means using FCVAR_REPLICATED|FCVAR_NOTIFY. We will need the addon name, URL, game (HL1 or HL2) and the public cvar name.

Q: What data is retained/tracked?
A: Very little information is retained. Once the servers have been queried, pre-generated statistics are uploaded. These statistics, internally, include information about player/bot/maxplayer counts per-mod and per-server type for mods, addons, and variable values. The precomputed statistics for addons/variables only take into account objects specifically being tracked. No per-server information is tracked, and nothing is written to disk, meaning it is impossible to retroactively track new variables.

Each "set" of statistics is saved. In the future, you will be able to view statistics for any given day.

Q: My Mod or Addon has the wrong URL!
A: E-mail [email protected] with the subject starting with 'STATS'.

Q: Is the query tool available publicly?
A: Yes, here:

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