Logo Contest Mar 03, 2004 14:06
We decided to start a Logo Contest!

You can't post logos anymore.
Vote your favourite logo!

We need 2 images:
1) max 500 x max 150 px
It has to contain "AMX Mod X" and it should contain something like "The next level of Half-Life Scripting".
2) 88 x 31 px (exactly)
It has to contain "AMXX".
3) 468 x 60 px (exactly)
It has to contain "AMX Mod X".

If you made one of them or both post it here (click on comments if you are on the news site).
But only post images (everything else will be deleted).
Discussion about the logos:

Thank you for making the images!

*** update ***
added 3)
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Release Date Mar 02, 2004 13:45
We will hopefully release the first beta version of AMX Mod X this weekend (5.-7. March).
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