MetamodX 1.17X3 Mar 24, 2004 11:54
I have released the third set of patches to Metamod.

Added support for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Added support for Digital Paintball 2.1 (untested)
Fixed hostile intent support
Added compiler switches for WON builds

You can pick up the files on the downloads page at or at Sourceforge: Click Here

Because of a bug in hlds I will no longer be supplying an i686 build, and I did not have access to an Opteron machine for an amd64 build. These builds are for Steam only.
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Multilingual Forum Mar 24, 2004 10:38
I decided to merge the French and the German Forum to one Multilingual Forum.
There you can post in every language! But read this before posting.
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Condition Zero Release Mar 23, 2004 04:49
Condition Zero was released early in the morning today and all servers should have czero support.

Unfortunately, metamod does NOT work with Condition Zero. Do not try to run AMXx with Condition Zero until we have fully patched it. Hopefully we will get this done in time for 0.16 release.
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What is your native language? Mar 22, 2004 11:33
Maybe we will add one or two language specific forums.
If you are on the news-page click here to vote (you need a forum account).

Post your native language if it's not listed.
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Request For Suggestions Mar 21, 2004 11:36
Hi everyone - this is a message to all you scripters out there, in particular you who like modding Counter-strike using AMX Mod X.

For the first releases (0.1, 0.15) of AMX Mod X we have implemented the cstrike module which you can use to read/modify data specific to CS gameplay. Some of the natives (which means functions, really) in this module have been available before to AMX Mod, but some are new:

    * cs_get_user_deaths/cs_set_user_deaths - get/set number of deaths a player has (this was really in AMX Mod too, but was undocumented in the include files)
    * cs_get_hostage_follow/cs_set_hostage_follow - get/set what entity (could be a player, or something else) a hostage is following
    * cs_get_hostage_id - every hostage in CS has a ID number. This number should not be mistaken for the hostage's index as an entity. It is used internally to find out which hostages to show on radar etc.
    * cs_get_user_backpackammo/cs_set_user_backpackammo - change amount of ammo in backpack. You can use this to increase/decrease shells, grenades... How about giving people 100 grenades and see what they do?
    * cs_get_user_defusekit/cs_set_user_defusekit - give player a defusekit.
    * cs_get_user_inside_buyzone - find out if user is inside buyzone.
    * cs_get_user_nvg/cs_set_user_nvg - give night vision goggles to player.
    * cs_get_user_plant/cs_set_user_plant - find out/set if player can plant a bomb if he has one. Normally only terrorist who have bomb can do this. Now you could have also counter-terrorists be able to do this. Maybe someone will make a plugin to allow CTs to pick up dropped bombs and defuse them by letting them be able to plant it, and then defuse as usual?
    * cs_get_user_team/cs_set_user_team - this is more powerful than using a script and forcing player to issue commands to select team in the menus. You could write a team balancing plugin like PTB and be sure that you can transfer a player whenever you want to and don't have to worry about CS:s "limits".
    * cs_get_user_vip/cs_set_user_vip - Find out if user is VIP, or you could set a user to be VIP. This won't change his model (you could that using cs_set_user_model), however this could for instance be used to unset a user from being VIP, so that he will be able to select a team properly. Normally as a VIP the only way you could switch teams would be to reconnect...
    * cs_set_weapon_burstmode/cs_set_weapon_silenced - Set/unset if a weapon is in burstmode (glock, famas) or is silenced (usp, m4a1).

So what I've done here is maybe given you some ideas of what to do with this new stuff. Often it's only your own ideas that are the limit of what you can do. Then there are natives...

If you have any more suggestions of what data in Counter-strike you would want to be able to read/modify, just drop me a reply in our forums. I have tried to think of more stuff that could be cool, useful, or even possible to change in Counter-strike. You never know when someone finds a use for a certain possibility to change certain values.
If you make a suggestion, I will try to find how to make a native for it. There are no guarantees I will succeed in making a native for everything, but at least I will try.
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