Plugin System Updated Mar 20, 2004 01:45
Whilst the night slumbers, I have updated the plugin system.

  • All mod points have reset. You now get 2 mod points a day, plus your karma value.
  • Mod icons show up next to the plugin name for easy viewing.
  • When you edit your plugin post, the mod and category do not reset.
  • Karma has been fixed, and now shows up in your user profile (1-5 scale).
  • Karma modification values have been tweaked. The formula is 5*kmod, where kmod is a multiplier. Interesting = 1, Fun = 1, Useful = 1, Redundant = -.5, Pointless = -.5, Broken = -0.25.
  • Plugins that have been approved say "Plugin: " before their name.
  • The web compiler now returns error messages on bad files.
  • The web compiler can now accept compiler arguments.
  • The web compiler now allows you to write your scripts on the site, in addition to uploading .sma files.
  • When downloading a compiled-on-the-fly plugin, the download count is updated.

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Plugin Posting Enabled Mar 17, 2004 19:45
I am pleased to announce that Plugin Posting is now enabled in the Plugin Posting forum. It is highly recommended that you read the stickies to see how to post a plugin.

If your plugin requires no extra files, you can just upload the source as an attachment. Any other file types will not be compiled but can still be downoaded. Source files (*.sma) will be auto-compiled.

I am also pleased to announce that our Web Compiler is now running. On the you can click "Compile" to upload and compile any script on the fly, and it should be fully backwards compatible with AMX Mod.

Enjoy, and please report any problems!
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AMX Mod X 0.15 Released Mar 15, 2004 20:00
I am very proud to announce the immediate availability of AMX Mod X Beta 0.15.

The changelog has many awaited bug fixes and adds further support to backwards compatibility. We have worked very hard to get this release out by today.

You can jump to the Downloads Page or visit the SourceForge site.

We are still going full steam ahead with our Roadmap: the next version will be 0.2 and will contain the next module interface, as well as fixes for all bugs found in 0.15. We do not have a release date planned as this will only rush us to make mistakes, but we hope to have it within two weeks.

Thank you for supporting AMX Mod X.


AMX Mod X 0.15 - March 15, 2004
Fixed event related bugs such as incorrect timing and crashes.
Removed all std:: code and lstdc++ requirement.
Moved messaging functions back into core from ENGINE
Many documentation fixes
Added xtrafun support backwards support.
TEMPORARY - We are using the old SC 2.1 small compiler.

Removed .amx from logging plugin names.
Hardcoded directory names into core.
get_module also returns status.
Fixed logging crashes.
Removed get_user_wonid.

cs_set_user_vip and cs_get_user_vip fixed.
cs_set_user_deaths now updates scoreboard.
Fixed ENGINE memory leaks.
Fixed register_message argument functions.
Fixed controller and blending values.
Reduced set_view lag.

It is now possible to shoot and break func_breakables.
Removed fun cvars and engine cvars and amx_version cvar.
Removed FUN debug messages.
Added set_user_hitzones and get_user_hitzones.
Removed set_hitzones.
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Official AMX Mod X CS-Servers Mar 15, 2004 14:34
We currently run two CS-Servers.
They are hosted by TCW Organization and Infinite Servers.
You can find more the ips and informations on the Server Page.

Feel free to add them to your favourites list. :D

Happy fragging!
Your AMX Mod X Dev Team
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New Metamod X Version Mar 14, 2004 05:02
I have released a new Metamod X version, version 1.17X2 (Patch set 2).

It adds support for Hostile Intent, Sven Coop 3.0, Natural Selection 3.0, and another corrected HLSDK.

You can get the new files at Source Forge, here:

There is a Windows version, a universal linux version, an optimized linux version for glibc-2.3, and a version optimized for AMD64 (x86-64).

The patches I have made have been submitted to Will Day to see if he will update the official Metamod.

Thank you to Hardgaming, who let us use an Opteron server for x86-64 compiles.
Thank you to CheesyPeteza for the Natural Selection 3.0 patches.
Thank you to [RED-Design] for the Hostile Intent patches.
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