AMX Mod X Nightly Builds, 1.8.0 Beta Aug 16, 2007 23:25
We're taking a bit of a detour with AMX Mod X 1.8.0 and doing a public beta for a few weeks before releasing it as stable. To celebrate this glorious announcement, we've brought back automated nightly builds -- and this time, they're not going away.

You can download AMX Mod X nightlies at:

Keep in mind, nightlies always constitute beta (or in future cases, even alpha) software. Do not run it on production servers unless you are interested in beta testing and providing helpful feedback about bugs. If you understand this, click here for upgrade instructions.

As we want to nail any bugs remaining in 1.8.0 as soon as possible, please post any problems you encounter on the bug tracker. If you're using 1.8.0, specify "trunk" as the version. As of right now, 1.8.0 is locked for all feature requests.

As always, plugins should remain fully backwards compatible (and if not, file a bug report).

Special thanks to sawce, architect of 1.8, whom I will be dolling out more awesome props to until 1.8.0 goes final!
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SourceMod is Beta Jun 08, 2007 03:23
It's been a long time since we've mentioned SourceMod on the AMX Mod X news; however, today we'd like to announce that SourceMod is now officially "beta."

SourceMod is a complete rewrite of AMX Mod X for the Half-Life 2 Platform. Have you ever wanted to experiment with Half-Life 2 coding? Are you interested in seeing the next "AMX Mod X" get built from the ground up? If so, now is a great time to start checking it out. The AlliedModders team has spent the past sixth months "redoing" AMX Mod X to fix all of those things that annoy people:

  • New administrative model
  • Dynamic loading/unloading of plugins and modules
  • Autoloading of plugins, even from subfolders
  • A rewritten Pawn engine which is much faster+better
  • A better translation system
  • An object oriented extension API with everything exposed to modules
  • A very well documented native set, with conforming, easy to understand naming schemes
  • A separate "string" tag, and passing functions as variables
  • Dynamic arrays!
  • An event and message system that lets you remove hooks
  • "Pcvars" are the only way
  • Actually unified SQL, including prepared statement support
  • Much more flexible menu API
  • Automatic access checks for commands, and automatic chat triggers

Interested in Half-Life 2 with SourceMod yet? For more information, check out, where you can find nightly builds, documentation, forums, and the SDK. Or hop on IRC (#sourcemod @ to ask questions.

This concludes our somewhat shameless plug (it's a sister project, after all) ;)
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AMX Mod X 1.76d Released, 3 Year Anniversary Mar 09, 2007 17:31
I am very pleased to announce that we have released AMX Mod X 1.76d! This update is entirely a bug-fix release, and is the last release for the 1.76 branch. The 1.77 branch is now merged to trunk, is being renamed to 1.8.

Today is also the 3rd anniversary of the AMX Mod X Project! Our first release, 0.1 "Alpha," was distributed on March 8th-9th, 2004. If tonight, you find yourself holding a glass of wine with nothing to toast, feel free to celebrate three years of development and progress for the Half-Life 1 community! Despite Valve's attempts to kill Counter-Strike 1.6, we are confident it will still be popular one year from now, and hopefully we will be able to celebrate a fourth year as well.

On a more disappointing note, with this release, we took an unprecedented action for ourselves and blocked specific non-GPL plugins from loading in AMX Mod X. A few unscrupulous authors have decided to not only violate our license, but to violate the rights we give users with it -- the right to modify and distribute source code under the GNU General Public License.

We have only taken this action in specific cases where an understanding of the GPL could not be reached. While a small part of this is to punish authors who don't "play nice," it's also to make unsuspecting downloaders aware that these authors are depriving users of something they're entitled to under the AMX Mod X license. The community isn't just about '.amxx' files, it's about sharing.

So far this list only contains one plugin, and hopefully it won't grow any further; the official list is maintained in the "Upgrade" section mention above.

In closing, special thanks to sawce, members of the AMX Mod team, Basic-Master for keeping the installer working, and faluco, who says hi, and he also has a hat. wow
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New Bug Report System Feb 20, 2007 02:02
I am pleased to announce that we have done away with the old Bug Reports forum. It has now been replaced with, powered by Flyspray. You can log into the bug system with your forums account (and you must have a forums account to log in).

There were many problems with the old setup. Since most people don't bother reading instructions, no matter how bright, bold, and red the text was, it was often cluttered with ridiculous, irrelevant posts. And since it was close to the forum software itself, it often attracted "me too," or unhelpful, side-tracked topics by users not realizing that they were only hurting the reporting process.

This new system is centralized across AlliedModders projects. It lets us assign issues to specific releases, organize milestones, assign priorities, and force categorization of reports. Hopefully this will greatly improve how we interact with users when resolving issues.

Unfortunately, we are unable to import the old bug reports into the new system. Thus, we invite anyone with old, outstanding reports to repost them into the new system.

On that note, a few select issues have been fixed in the 1.76 branch over the past month or so. Thus, we have decided to release a 1.76d in the interim, which will come out shortly. Development of the 1.77 branch has started thanks to sawce, and we will probably start beta testing sometime in March.
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AMX Mod Closed, Dev Teams Merged Jan 05, 2007 01:05
As many of you have already noticed, a few months ago the majority of the old AMX Mod Team members decided to join AMX Mod X. We decided that, as a whole, the Half-Life community would be better off with everyone working together toward a common goal and project.

As a result of this, the AMX Mod forums were locked as read-only last week. In order to accomodate AMX Mod users into the AMX Mod X community, we have opened a new forum specifically to help people migrate. AMX Mod users who wish to move to AMX Mod X may post support/migration quests, plugins which don't work, and interface features which may be missing.

Please join us in welcoming members of the AMX Mod community into our own! As always, flaming, rude behaviour, or other such inappropriate conduct from anyone will not be tolerated.

New additions to the AMX Mod X Development and Moderation Teams include:

Please also note that today we have adopted new global forum rules. You can read them by clicking here.
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