native SQL_SetAffinity(const driver[]);


Sets driver affinity.  You can use this to force a particular
 driver implementation.  This will automatically change all SQL
 natives in your plugin to be "bound" to the module in question.
If no such module is found, it will return 0.  This isn't necessarily bad -
 the user might have typed the wrong driver.  Unless your plugin is built
 to handle different driver types at once, you should let this error pass.
Note, that using this while you have open handles to another database
 type will cause problems.  I.e., you cannot open a handle, switch
 affinity, then close the handle with a different driver.
Switching affinity is an O(n*m) operation, where n is the number of
 SQL natives and m is the number of used natives in total.
Intuitive programmers will note that this causes problems for threaded queries.
 You will have to either force your script to work under one affinity, or to
 pack the affinity type into the query data, check it against the current, then
 set the new affinity if necessary.  Then, restore the old for safety.