/* NS2AMX Utility backwards compatibility
* by the AMX Mod X Development Team
* This file is provided as is (no warranties).

#if defined _ns2amx_included
#define _ns2amx_included

#include <engine>     // various engine calls
#include <fakemeta>   // pev/engfunc/dllfunc/various calls which rely on engfunc/dllfunc
#include <ns>         // ns specifics

stock is_entity(id)
	return is_valid_ent(id)

/* The end of the native is buffered incase the plugin is including an NS_VERSION (no longer supported), ignore it */
stock get_build(classname[], value, number=0,{Float,Sql,Result,_}:...)
	return ns_get_build(classname, value, number)

stock get_private_i(index, offset, linuxdiff=5)
	return get_pdata_int(index, offset, linuxdiff)

stock set_private_i(index, offset, value, linuxdiff=5)
	return set_pdata_int(index, offset, value, linuxdiff)

stock Float:get_private_f(index, offset, linuxdiff=5)
	return get_pdata_float(index, offset, linuxdiff)

stock set_private_f(index, offset, Float:value, linuxdiff=5)
	return set_pdata_float(index, offset, value, linuxdiff)

stock make_string(value[])
	return engfunc(EngFunc_AllocString,value)

stock string(value, ret[])
  new szString[128] // gah...

stock gpgobals_time()
	return halflife_time()

stock Float:get_range(ida, idb)
	return entity_range(ida, idb)

stock supercede()
  return 0

stock register_clientkill()
	return 0

stock register_changelvl()
	return 0

stock register_msgblock(msgName[])
	return set_msg_block(get_user_msgid(msgName), BLOCK_SET)

stock register_msgedit(msgName[], cmd[])
	return register_message(get_user_msgid(msgName), cmd)

stock register_playback(event, cmd[])
	return 0

stock get_spawn(type, number=0, Float:ret[3])
	return ns_get_spawn(type, number, ret)

stock has_weapon(index, weapon, setweapon=-1)
	return ns_has_weapon(index, weapon, setweapon)

stock gpglobals_v(type, Float:ret[3])
  new v_type=0
  switch (type)
  case 1:
    v_type = GL_v_forward
  case 2:
    v_type = GL_v_right
  case 3:
    v_type = GL_v_up
  if (!v_type)
    return 0
	return get_global_vector(v_type, ret)

stock pev_i(_index,_field)
	return pev(_index,_field)

stock set_pev_i(_index, _field, _val)
	return set_pev(_index,_field,_val)
stock Float:pev_f(_index,_field)
  new Float:f
  return f
stock set_pev_f(_index,_field,Float:_val)
  return set_pev(_index,_field,_val)
stock msg_args()
	return get_msg_args()

stock Float:msg_loc(vec)
	new Float:Ret[3]
	if (vec < 0 || vec > 3)
		return float(0)
		return Ret[vec]

stock msg_dest()
	return 0

stock msg_type()
	return 0

stock msg_name()
	return 0

stock msg_set_s(number, value[])
	return set_msg_arg_string(number, value)

stock msg_set_f(number, Float:value)
	return set_msg_arg_float(number, get_msg_argtype(number), value)

stock msg_set_i(number, value)
	return set_msg_arg_int(number, get_msg_argtype(number), value)

stock msg_data_type(value)
	return get_msg_arg_type(value)

stock msg_strdata(value)
	return 0

stock msg_data(value, ...)
	return (0*value)

stock get_filename(szFile[], len=-1)
	new name[16], version[16], author[16], status[16]
	new res = get_plugin(0, szFile, len, name, 16, version, 16, author, 16, status, 16)
	return res

stock get_speedchange(id)
	return ns_get_speedchange(id)

stock set_speedchange(id, speed)
	return ns_set_speedchange(id,speed)

stock get_maxspeed(id)
	return ns_get_maxspeed(id)

stock set_player_model(id, model[]="")
	return ns_set_player_model(id, model)

stock set_player_skin(id, skin=-1)
	return ns_set_player_skin(id, skin)

stock set_player_body(id, body=-1)
	return ns_set_player_body(id, body)

stock ns2amx_version()
	return 0

stock set_kvhandled()
	return 0

stock ns2amx_getammo(id,Weapon)
	return ns_get_weap_reserve(id, Weapon)

stock ns2amx_setammo(id,Weapon,Value)
	return ns_set_weap_reserve(id, Weapon, Value)

stock ns2amx_giveitem(id,svClassname[])
	return ns_give_item(id, svClassname)

stock ns2amx_moveto(idMoved,idDest)
  new Float:origin[3]
  entity_get_vector(idDest, EV_VEC_origin,origin)
  entity_set_origin(idMoved, origin)
  return 1
/* Returns whether or not the player has the MASK_DIGESTING flag set. */
stock ns2amx_isdigesting(id)
	return ns_get_mask(id,MASK_DIGESTING)

/* Returns total # of active hives. */
stock ns2amx_gethives()
	return ns_get_build("team_hive",1)

/* Returns 1 if the two entities are within the given range. */
stock ns2amx_inrange(ida,idb,range)
	if (entity_range(ida,idb) <= range)
		return 1
	return 0

stock ns2amx_nspopup(id,svMessage[190]) {
  new szMessage[180]
  return ns_popup(id, szMessage)

stock ns2amx_setres(id,value)
	return ns_set_res(id, float(value))

stock ns2amx_getenergy(id)
	return floatround(ns_get_energy(id))

stock ns2amx_setenergy(id,energy)
	return ns_set_energy(id, float(energy))

stock ns2amx_getjpfuel(id)
	return floatround(ns_get_jpfuel(id))

stock ns2amx_setjpfuel(id,fuel)
	return ns_set_jpfuel(id, float(fuel))

stock get_mask(id,mask)
  return ns_get_mask(id, mask)

stock set_mask(id,mask,value)
  return ns_set_mask(id,mask,value)

stock get_special(id,mask)
  if (pev(id,pev_iuser4) & mask)
     return 1
  return 0

stock get_res(id)
	return floatround(ns_get_res(id))

stock get_class(id)
  return ns_get_class(id)

stock is_combat()
	return ns_is_combat()