native SortCustom1D(array[], array_size, const comparefunc[], data[]="", data_size=0);


Sorts a custom 1D array.  You must pass in a comparison function.
The sorting algorithm then uses your comparison function to sort the data.
The function is called in the following manner:

public MySortFunc(elem1, elem2, const array[], const data[], data_size)

 elem1, elem2    - Current element pair being compared
 array[]         - Array in its current mid-sorted state.
 data[]          - Extra data array you passed to the sort func.
 data_size       - Size of extra data you passed to the sort func.

Your function should return:
 -1 if elem1 should go before elem2
  0 if elem1 and elem2 are equal
  1 if elem1 should go after elem2
Note that the parameters after elem2 are all optional and you do not need to specify them.